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    [Problem] USB wont mount any more?

    Hey I've got the new FW Super 1.5 beta 1.1 I has worked fine when running the new FW. A week ago or so the USB stopped working. Now the panda wont mount or at least show me the usb mem stick. Not sure what to do to debugs this. Any help would be apprishated. I'm about to reflash it just to...
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    Texas Instruments: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A15 Splashes Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 http://www.xbitlabs...._Cortex_A9.html
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    ASUS WL-167g v1 rt73 not working.. HELP!?

    It's clearly scaning and I can see AP's but once I try to connect to them, it just wont keep a successful connection. After a little while it prompts me to write WPA2 code for authentication, but it's correct. I'm using new FW: 1.5 beta 1.1 I'm using the rt73.bin driver...
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    Internal NAND Locked?

    ======================================================================================= PND : /media/PANDA/pandora/menu/eboard_1.1.1-r1.pnd PND_FSTYPE : Squashfs APPDATADIR : /media/PANDA/pandora/appdata/eboard APPDD_FSTYPE : vfat PND_CPUSPEED : <unset> EXENAME :
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    help install timeseal on eboard (online chess client)

    Hey, I've been playing chess using eboard. While it's all great, the lag is somewhat killing me. So I'd like some help with installing a timeseal. If you got any clue how to do that? Please let me know. I'm a a linux newb as well, so the details are important to me. Thanks...
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    TRIM ?

    So whats this TRIM? Well I've sort of been on the hunt for an SSD (Solid State Disk) Got to know that many OS's see disks as normal HDD, optimal functions for normal "Mechanical" HDD's. Now I'm no Linux guru or anything. Is Ångström and also the version of XFce 4 compliant to use the internal...
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    How to install JAVA to browse with?

    Well I'm missing Java and Flash support. How or when could we see this in the Pandora? On another note I had been using a greasemonkey script to play flash movies in the browser with windows media player. Will try and edit this soon and add what's needed. My goal is to play games on
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    WEP -128 Key not connecting + misc

    Hey all just got my Pandora today! Will try and post a review tomorrow once I've gotten more comfortable with my Pandroa. First thing I'm pretty much newb when it comes to linux. I played with it once a very long long time ago with Red Hat or something. Don't really remember anything. If i use...
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    Release Synthesia - Piano for everyone!

    p2mPdXJsLcc Hey! How about porting this? >>> FAQ<<<