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    Tile World Port (chips Challenge)

    Is any on working on porting tile world port? Tile world is an emlaition of chips challenge and allows you to play the original game once you have the chips.dat file (similar to the way aleph one works with marathon). This game if ported could also benefit from user created levels. Linux Source...
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    Gpfce Rom Selector Background

    I got bored of the default GPFCE Rom selection screen background and wanted to try something new. I found the default one is a file in the GPFCE directory called "fondo.png". So I made my own .png file and replaced it. When I strated up GPFCE again it didn't show my new picture very well. does...
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    New Magazine

    This magazine features reviews of classic games that can be played on an emulator either on your PC or running on a GP2X. I created tihs magazine to help fill in the gap that exists currently in the games catagory of the GP2X, as it is yet to feature a commercial game. Additionally the homebrew...
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    Rush 2049 Remake

    Rush 2049 Remake I think the gp2x would be a great platform to create a remake of the classic San Francisco Rush series. I’m not suggesting a port here, but a ground up build of a new original racing game, using many concepts found in San Francisco Rush. The Rush series, created by Midway has...