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    GPD Pocket

    Mine just arrived today. Nice, although the keyboard is a cramped. I'll likely be cutting a matte screen from leftover screen protectors.
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    GPD Pocket

    So now it's July 21st and DragonBox has the GPD Pocket back at 500 euro (but the description still mentions the reduced price). Hopefully that means ED has units and will begin shipping this next week. Looking forward to it even though I really do have too many devices as it is.
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    News from the meeting at GC

    How is Pyra's wifi compared to Pandora?
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    Problems after OS update

    For me to get wifi working I had to do the following as root from the command line: iwconfig wlan0 power off After that I can finally ping the router or any websites. Turning it off means no more ping or browsing. However, I'm having issues opening certain pnds (luakit for one). I'll see...
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    Beta Fallout

    I re-downloaded, and it's extracting. The installer I'd been using was listed as 490MB, but it was actually 52MB. Thanks for your time.
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    Beta Fallout

    I put my gog executable in the base folder (appdata/Fallout, I believe, just below the FALLOUT directory and the same directory as the readme.txt). I then start the pnd, but it then gives me a dialogue saying I can now delete the exe file, and asks if I want to. Yes/No doesn't matter because it...
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    Tweaking and Finalizing

    Maybe you can make some mark on/in the cases, or a sticker, that would be a commemoration of your friend//contact.
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    Final small Pandora batch...

    Does it salute a lot as well? Or maybe bow and scrape and offer you a drink?
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    Slackware for Pandora 14.1

    I hope you make an image that will be usable in Pyra when the time comes. I'd love to have this as my main OS. I've been using Salix for half a year now after getting too frustrated with Arch, and I used pure Slackware before deciding I was too lazy to be a true Slacker.
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    E-ink Screen

    I like the idea of having an eink display. I was recently looking for this in a phone, and for awhile I was looking at Yotaphone, Alcatel One Touch Hero, and the unreleased Boox 43 eink phone. Instead of delaying the Pyra (unless it turns out to be an easy mod) how about a do-it-yourself kit...
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    Pyra should have a female tripod connector built in to the case.

    Instead of building it into the Pyra just make an accessory with clamps on each side of the Pyra with a smooth, strong base that the tripod would attach to. Make the design right and maybe you can have the clamps fold in so you have a cellphone-sized piece of plastic or metal in your pocket when...
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    SuperZaxxon v1.55 released!

    Used that method, and all seemed well except for the menu no longer working in Openbox. rebooted and only the shoulder buttons worked. Flashing it now. Edit: I seem to be having issues with it freezing on startup or shutdown, but at least I finally figured out that the nubs were somehow set to...
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    Release Switch GUI: Openbox

    Removing codecs doesn't fix the system menu problem for me. Was I supposed to uninstall the codecs as well? I'm not too thrilled with that idea.
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    Release Coolreader 3 - eBook reader

    How do I change font color? I've tried coolreader on my phone and Open Pandora and in both cases it ignores me when I change the font color. I switch background to black, font to white, turn off the skin, and I end up with black on black. Something I notice is that when I turn off the skin...
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    Jagged Alliance Kickstarter campaign

    I recently saw a kickstarter for a new Jagged Alliance. It has a modest budget goal, and is $25 for the game. While there's no arm port planned, it might be of interest to Pandorans because Jagged Alliance 2 can be played on the Pandora...
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    One queue cleared, TV Out cables finally coming and some other tidbits (2013-03-20)

    On my just-received 1ghz one it has written in it both 1ghz edition and rebirth edition , which I thought was the 600mhz with 512mb unit.
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    PNDstore - Won't Install Programs Now - Permission Denied

    I have two sd cards inserted, and when I click install it gives me a drop-down list of installation locations. Unfortunately, neither sd card is listed, even though the pandora sees them and has mounted them. The only options it gives are '/usr/pandora/apps' and '/usr/pandora/mmenu'. I figured...
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    One queue cleared, TV Out cables finally coming and some other tidbits (2013-03-20)

    I was #149 of Craig's 1ghz test-run queue, and just got mine. According to Jacqueline I had moved up 5 spots to #144 a month ago (cancellations, I guess). That might mean that queue is about done too, as I thought there were 150 on it.
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    I think Craig has a plan

    I got this e-mail in spite of the fact that I'd already paid the upgrade fee for CC -> 1GHz for a pre-order queue. Paid the money, sent the unit, received acknowledgement and then, 6 months later, this. I would have sent a reply saying, 'thanks, but I already did this ages ago', but it was a...
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    1GHz Edition Sticker & New LCD Cables

    Having looked at your web-page I wish there was a way I could have my upgrade sent from you instead of Craig so I could order a couple of cases and have them shipped without extra shipping (presumably, at any rate, since I paid the shipping along with the upgrade). I upgraded my 256MB pandora to...