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  1. Kelvin

    Bluetooth pairing demands password from gamepad?

    So, I'm trying to pair a 8bitdo Zero 2 gamepad. I tried as keyboard mode, and it showed a prompt to type in a password from the gamepad. Unfortunately, the pad doesn't have number keys, so it would immediately reject it. I switched it to different gamepad modes, and, for some reason, it still...
  2. Kelvin

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    My screen and LCD cable are both damaged. There's columns of damaged pixels, and the colors freak out depending on the angle of the screen. It's made it impossible for drawing on, and there's no other device this small that's also as good for drawing on, at least not until the Pyra comes out.
  3. Kelvin

    Git not working on Pandora

    So I installed Git directly from the command line, and it seems to work normally with one exception: no networking. When I try to pull or push, I get this error: "gnutls_handshake() failed: A TLS fatal alert has been received while accessing <repo URL>" If I use the version that comes with the...
  4. Kelvin

    Looking to buy Pandora

    My Pandora's mainboard has finally bit the dust. There's absolutely no hope of me fixing it, and with the Pyra being out of my price range (not to mention not even available), I'm just looking for either a new mainboard or a new unit altogether, so if you've got something with a broken shell or...
  5. Kelvin

    Standalone keyboard?

    I swear I saw someone somewhere showing the keyboard from the Pandora, but instead of it being the actual OP, it was a Bluetooth device that attached to the phone. For the life of me, I haven't been able to find it again. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd like to get one for my phone.
  6. Kelvin

    Pandora doesn't log in

    When I try to log in, it shows a wall of text that I can't really make sense of. It shows up for about a second and then takes me right back to the login screen. I was able to get a photo of it:
  7. Kelvin

    Can I remove or disable the switch lock?

    I've had a few different people look at my Pandora, and nobody can fix the issue of the switch thinking it's being pushed left when pressure is put on the keyboard, and it's VERY easy to accidentally put too much pressure on when trying to type. Is it possible to prevent the thing from locking...
  8. Kelvin

    Is the store team still around?

    It's been over two months since I got a response, and three months since they confirmed recieving my Pandora. No one seems to be responding to my ticket anymore. I've been without my Pandora for over four months now. What's going on over there?
  9. Kelvin

    Can we change our preorders?

    I preordered the 4G model, but lately, my family's been pretty tight on money, and we can't afford another phone line, so I'm just gonna have to get the regular version. If it's possible, how do I change my preorder?
  10. Kelvin

    LShift+E locks everything up in certain cases

    For whatever reason, when I'm in the terminal or Dosbox, if I hold the left shoulder and hit E, I'm locked out of all input except for moving the mouse and the logo key; all keyboard input, clicks, and touchscreen are disabled until I do a hard reset. I've tried doing this in some other apps...
  11. Kelvin

    I'm worried about the Pyra's market performance.

    780$ is a steep price, and having discussed the Pyra on various subreddits, lots of people have told me the same thing. They all say that it looks like an awesome little device, but most seem worried that it won't be worth the price, and I'm worried that it might not survive long when...
  12. Kelvin

    How much storage can we get?

    I'm wondering what's the maximum SD card size Pyra will be compatible with? I've seen them get up to 512GB, and micro SD cards as big as 128GB. Combine all that with the internal storage, and that's 1.3TB, which would be freaking sweet if we could get that, but I don't wanna assume that's what...
  13. Kelvin

    I made a couple videos about the Pyra.

    The first one is about the external design: And the second one is a discussion on the specs and comparing what the site says to other devices: Hoping to get some feedback on these and spur some discussion on Youtube, since that would help get the Pyra some exposure and hopefully get more...
  14. Kelvin

    Will the Pandora's battery issue still be around in the Pyra?

    I wanna make sure of this, because it's something that bugs me. Basically, both the Pandora's I've owned have had this weird issue where when it reached full charge, it would stop charging and just allow itself to drain, which meant that if I wanted it to stay full, I either had to turn it off...
  15. Kelvin

    Wifi prevents media players from working

    So, for whatever reason, when I've got wifi enabled, I can't listen to music. In Deadbeef, it will show the play icon next to the track, but there's no audio, and the progress bar does not move. In SMPlayer2, it will go through the list and check off every track as though it had played them. It...
  16. Kelvin

    Pandora XYG Studio

    So recently, I rebooted my project to create a runtime-based game environment like Python, but for Squirrel, called XYG, which stands for eXperience Your Game. I've been making very slow progress after switching to SDL2, but at least I've got enough that I could make a basic game with it. My...
  17. Kelvin

    File system question.

    So, I've come across a problem that's reared its ugly head a few times using the Pandora, and I just want to know if this is still going to be around with the Pyra. Apparently, to boost performance or something, the Pandora doesn't actually modify SD card contents when you hit save, but instead...
  18. Kelvin

    Looking for a new display

    I need a new display, and DB seems to be out of them. :( If anyone is looking to sell their Pandora parts, I'm looking for an offer on screens.
  19. Kelvin

    Stronger plastic this time?

    As some of you may remember, my first Pandora had some cracks in the shell that sort of just appeared over time. The second one I got had the same problem in the same locations, except that that one also cracked under mild pressure, resulting in the screen cracking with it (which sucks because...
  20. Kelvin

    Quick CPU question

    OK, so I got a Rebirth Edition, and on the first boot up, it asked me if I wanted to run at 1Ghz, but that would cause instability, or 800 Mhz, which was stable but could reduce the life of my CPU, or 600 Mhz, which was the safest. I chose 600, but later on, I saw on the settings tray menu that...