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  1. Eight Bit

    Aaaah, vacation!

    Greetings from Camping de Roos in Overijssel
  2. Eight Bit

    I'll just put this awesome URL here :)

    Feel free to post more awesome sites! :)
  3. Eight Bit

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    @hns mentioned in this thread that he might be able to order new LCD cables for the Pandora at 30$ each. Herewith a poll to see if there's enough interest to make a small production run.
  4. Eight Bit

    Noticed this on indiegogo

    I kinda like the layout with the enter, ctrl, alt and shift in the middle... It reminds me of the icontrolpad too.... :)
  5. Eight Bit

    Just testing the water....

    If I were to sell my 2 GP2X's (white and a black one) and 2x GP32's (FLU and BLU), would there be interest in any of those here?
  6. Eight Bit

    So I hadn't used my Pandora for a while...

    It has been in stand-by / sleep mode, in a drawer for well over 3 weeks now. This morning I powered it up to check the battery level as I want to take it with me to work this afternoon... The Battery was still at 75%... Amazing! :):p&|a:
  7. Eight Bit

    It just keeps on growing... 1TB on an SD card... $500 though... Remember these?
  8. Eight Bit


    As some of you might know by now I'm one of the organizers of the C64 X parties. Last weekend I've been very busy working at X2018. The biggest, baddest C64 only party out there. For 3 days over 400 visitors from all over the world came to Someren/Netherlands to celebrate the C64 scene with...
  9. Eight Bit

    I just have to say...

    I love the recent activity on the kernel mailinglist! Way to go Nikolaus! All promising leads to smashing the bugs! (Audio and now perhaps Tiler too) :) Though I do not understand everything that is going on there I love to read it. It's popcorn worthy lately.
  10. Eight Bit

    Charging woes

    This morning when I wanted to charge my Pandora up, the charging light did not come on when inserting the barrel jack. I reinserted it a couple of times but it didn't help so I rebooted the machine. After it rebooted I inserted the charger and the red light came on for a brief moment and...
  11. Eight Bit

    SID Box

    I know I know, I'm getting a Pyra that will play all these formats happily.... But I still like this little project, what do you think?
  12. Eight Bit

    Down the relativistic rabbit-hole (Split from official news)

    Note: These posts originated around page ten of An Update of the Waiting Game - some context may have been left behind during the split. - Binky But perception of time is relative isn't it? Also someone ages faster when moving faster iirc. Or was it the other way around?:cool:
  13. Eight Bit

    JS SID Player

    Look what just has been released :)
  14. Eight Bit

    I had a leather holster made

    It's not perfect but looks very nice and works like a charm. The guy who made it for me said he had some ideas on how to improve it more.Especially the shoulder button openings didn't work out as planned but it works. Even the bottom button can be pushed while the Pandora is in its holster...
  15. Eight Bit

    SID of the day :)

    I figured, why not! I run into pearls of music and just want to share. Having the High Voltage SID Collection installed is nice if you want to join in on the SID sharing fun but it's not necessary :D On the go I use Audacious on my Pandora for playing SIDS but there's...
  16. Eight Bit

    So I opened this box

    Sorry about the bad picture quality. If anyone's interested in any of these, please let me know. I'm willing to sell any of these items if the offer is decent enough. It's not that I'm in dire need of moneys but it hasn't left the box in years so maybe some one else will or wants to put it to...
  17. Eight Bit

    Kernel question

    Hi, This might sound silly but I have a question. I noticed this tweet about a new kernel for the openpandora among other devices. What benefit does this have compared to the kernel we have? Everything already works like it should doesn't it?
  18. Eight Bit

    Oooh, this is interesting (low-power radio tech) A battery free cell phone. I so see something like this transform into a small wearable over time... I guess some hurdles are to overcome for a battery free Pyra :D I love initiatives for an environment- and energy saving economy...
  19. Eight Bit

    Did my battery or charge circuit die?

    Last night, before I went to bed I put my Pandora in the charger, the battery was still at 85% but I put it in anyway. This morning when I wanted to grab my Pandora and go to work, I noticed that the charger LED was blinking at irregular intervals. Of course I opened it up and checked the...
  20. Eight Bit

    IPod dilemma

    So, I have this old 60GB 5th gen IPod (video) which I always kept in the car. A couple of weeks ago it's sound stopped working so I brought it in, read up on it on the interwebs, opened it up, installed rockbox on it, tried some pushing and prieing and finally concluded the soundchip / logic...