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  1. BAFelton

    Pyra Nub Issue

    Hi, I have this issue with my pyra. The nub makes a strange noise, like a "tic" when i move it. Some ideas ?
  2. BAFelton

    How to set up Hard Disks with UAE4ARM/UAEAll

    This guide should help people setting up a Workbench environment with the Pandora Amiga emulators. With this you will be able to use WHDLoad games and delete all your .adf, this IS the best :) In this guide I'll use UAE4ARM but all files will work with UAE4all too. First you'll need a few...
  3. BAFelton

    Living in France, anyway to get a ticket for Gamescon ?

    Hello, Some will say it's a bit late to get decided but... It seems some Shops (Saturn) sell some tickets. Is there anyway to get one ? I'd like to go on Friday or Saturday. Thanks.
  4. BAFelton

    Gamebuino - an arduino console

    Just to show you this little console, more infos on the official website :
  5. BAFelton

    Release Sqrxz 4 Site of the author : Pandora version : Not sure someone said something about it.
  6. BAFelton

    Open Consoles and Android Consoles Timeline

    Hi there, Here's a timeline of the main Open Consoles and Android Consoles released since 2001 :!date=2001-11-23_00:00:00! English is not our native language so please forgive the mistakes and don't hesitate...
  7. BAFelton

    Game & Watch Volleyball

      Here is a small game I found with GP32Spain.   The Wiz version works on the Caanoo with Ginge :
  8. BAFelton

    Playable Demo Of La Pesadilla De Ripollés   Link here :   Thread on GP32Spain :
  9. BAFelton

    Shadow of the Beast is back ! Thanks Sony :(
  10. BAFelton

    Nothing's cooler than being a Jedi Knight... Ooops, Ptitseb did it again :) A few previews :
  11. BAFelton

    An Interview with ptitSeb

    Hi ! ptitSeb answered a few questions for us here : Here's the translated version : here Thanks to him :D
  12. BAFelton

    [sold] Pandora Rebirth for Sale in Europe

    Hi there ! I sell one of my Pandoras, the Rebirth Edition. I had it last year and it's in perfect condition. I don't have the box because ED got them after I had the console. You'll find : - the console and its battery ^^ - stylus - 8 gb SD CARD - charger - one more battery I live in...
  13. BAFelton

    Project64 is now opensource : interesting ?

    Maybe a new N64 emul for the Pandora ?
  14. BAFelton

    Why not us ?
  15. BAFelton

    A bit of fps history on the Pandora With this video, you'll find some cool FPS running on the Pandora. Some work with DosBox, others are ports. Playing on a 1Ghz Pandora. Here's the list : - Hovertank 3D - Catacomb 3D - Ultima Underworld - Wolfenstein 3D - Blake Stone - Doom I and II - Heretic -...
  16. BAFelton

    Port Request : Guru Logic Champs

    IPrice, congratulations for all the work you've done and your victory at DBCC. If you find some time, could you port Guru Logic Champs to the Pandora ? Some people need to (re)discover this great and fun game. Thanks ! :)
  17. BAFelton

    Turrican Rebirth ? :wub:
  18. BAFelton

    Logout error

    Hi there ! When i try to logout from XFCE, it doesn't work. Then i try again and have this message : "Failed to receive a reply from the session manager. Session Manager must be in idle state when requesting a shutdown". What can I do ? Thanx !
  19. BAFelton

    [Emulator] 8Blitter (Mastersystem/gamegear/gameboy)

    Lordus has posted this on the Pandora Boards:         DL :,0,0,0,71,606   DL :   Topic ...
  20. BAFelton

    [Scene For Christmas] Combatz - Caanoo/wiz][/URL]   Combat game by Isidor from GP32Spain.   Caanoo :   Wiz :   Topic here...