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    Software libxml2 Python bindings

    I don't know how some of you folks have the patients for this. I'm trying to port CHIRP - a standard open source Python app for field programming HAM/FRS/GMRS radios. Like most Python apps it calls for libxml2: import libxml2 Even the...
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    Software [SOLVED] screen command not upgrading?

    Latest firmware comes with screen version 4.00.03 - which does not support vertical split panes. Version 4.0.1 and above do. Opkg repo has version screen - 4.0.3-r1.5. But when I try to upgrade, the system will not let me: openpandora:~$ screen -version Screen version 4.00.03 (FAU) 23-Oct-06...
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    Disabling busted L & R shoulder buttons

    Now that I've learned the hard way that a state-of-the-art, hand-made, electronics device can easily be damaged I need some help from the community.  The Left & Right shoulder buttons have taken the largest impacts and have been jammed downward to point of no longer springing back up - which is...
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    WANTED: PowerVR Video Card?

    We're not into either cross-dev or native-OpenPandora-dev options, and there IS a potential 3rd solution. As a 3D MMORPG publisher, we're more concerned with fast native graphics first (Game code is mostly Python and any compiled code can be moved to native ARMv7 as a second pass). Anyone...