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    JXD S7800B PSP Emulation Video

    PSP: God of War Ghost of Sparta(Part One) review on JXD S7800B android game console This is a video that shows how PSP game, God of War Ghost of Sparta works on an android game console JXD S7800B. The graphic is perfect on jxd s7800b as you can see in this video. Actually, if you play this...
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    What handheld game console do you wish you had?

    I wish I had a game console: Screen: 7.0 inches IPS 1280*800 OS: Android 4.4 Chip: RockChip 3188, Quad Core, 1.6GHz DDR:4GB DDR3 Storage:32GB Can play all kinds of emulators games.
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    Surprise! ! ! JXD S7800b incredibly can emulate DC.

    Last month I have bought a JXD S7800B. I accidentally found a DC game classification in the game console. Try holding the mentality (after all, the function of DC is second only to PS2. What's more, the official propaganda also did not say to play DC emulation game)download the Shenmue CD1 and...
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    JXD S5800

    Hallo, ich habe ein S5800, aber ich weiß nicht, wie funktioniert die Zuordnung von Tasten in einem Gamepad! kann jemand helfen?
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    My favorite handheld game console

    My favorite handheld game console is JXD S7800B, main features as below: Quad Core 1.4GHz,2GB RAM, ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU IPS 1280*800,216PPI Pixel Density Game Handle Entity Key Layout USA CTS Dual Joysticks,Extraordinary Buttons Mapping Function Game Center Cloud Service, 12 Emulators,100.000...
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    jxd official store?

    Did JXD have created a online store? is it true?
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    JXD s7800b rotierenden Stöcke

    das ist mein Problem, beide von den Stöcken drehen an ihrer Stelle, auch sie öffnet sich ein wenig, besonders die linke (die, die ich am häufigsten verwenden) ist locker und dreht an seinem Platz es gibt eine Lösung? ist normal? jemand mit dem gleichen Problem?
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    What's the handheld game console do you have?

    Hi friends,   What's the handheld game console do you have?   I have PSP3000 and JXD S7800B. I like both of them   What about you?