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  1. 1rover1

    I am out ...

    I was one of the first to put money into the Pyra but sadly my interests and priorties have changed. Over the course of my pre-order i have lost a little brother to cancer , lost a marriage and live in a different a country with my kids. So ... if anyone is interested in buying my pre-order slot...
  2. 1rover1

    1Ghz Pandora for Sale

    You can find it on ebay , drop me a message there if you are interested. 100% feedback , no drama's :)
  3. 1rover1

    SNES Emulation Chaos Engine.

    I am trying to play Chaos Engine on the 1ghz pandora and i am noticing that it slows down a lot during the end of world one , i guess due to the number of objects on the screen. I am using SNES 9xEX , should i be using something else ?
  4. 1rover1

    Looking to buy 1Ghz Pandora

    As per title, drop me a PM if you are looking to sell, I am based in UK.
  5. 1rover1

    Classic Pandora For Sale.

    Link Here 100% feedback. Comes with some extras (battery and case). Open to offers.
  6. 1rover1

    Just got a pandora

    Hi, I just won a pandora on ebay for £85.00, it is a silver unit , no idea which one. Any tips for the first things I should do with it when I get it 1Rover1