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  1. TrevorBradley

    Gruso's Blog Slashdotted

    Looks like news of the first Pandora off the assembly line just got posted to slashdot, and pandorapress went down pretty quickly from all the people looking at his site...
  2. TrevorBradley

    Sid's Rules

    I just found a really awesome blog post from Soren Johnson, Civilization 4's lead developer, about game design and user experience. Sid's Rules: I love the Sid Meier quote at the beginning of the article: "A good game is a series of interesting choices"...
  3. TrevorBradley

    Blurp - The GP32X Downtime Status Thread is offline with the message: I like a message that inspires confidence... :twisted:
  4. TrevorBradley

    libSDL for Ubuntu... Translucency broken?

    I'm wondering if some clever folk might be able to help me out with a Linux library issue I've been having. The last time I was developing GA, I was working on a Slackware Linux system. Pretty much everything had to be installed by hand. The libs included in the libs/Linux directory of the...
  5. TrevorBradley

    Beta Galactic Artifact - Moving To

    Just to let you guys know a project forum for Galactic Artifact has been created over at and that I'll be moving all future testing, pre-releases, and feedback to that forum. It's a full forum devoted to the game, so we'll be able to create as many threads as are needed. See...
  6. TrevorBradley

    Moving to

    Hey guys, just to let you know we're moving discussion about Galactic Artifact here. I know some people might be concerned about the long break after the last week. Lots of RealLife(tm) things have been going on, and it's still going to be at least several more weeks before I can pick this up...
  7. TrevorBradley

    Galactic Artifact / Beta Testing Forums?

    Hey guys... if I wanted to take the folks helping me test Galactic Artifact, is there a particular plot of land I should settle down on here?
  8. TrevorBradley


    Just found this link to an upcoming device called the SheevaPlug: Runs Linux on an ARM9 processor at 1.2Ghz and 512MB of ram, plugs into a wall socket and uses the power of a nightlight. Looks like it will retail for $100. I can think of a few uses for...
  9. TrevorBradley

    Beta Galactic Artifact - Game Balance

    Two things. This post is mostly directed at TheMonkey, but I invite anyone who's played Galactic Artifact for a bit to join in the fun. Secondly I'm not in any huge rush. I'm not back to coding yet but there are a few things spinning in the back of my mind that I want to move forward on...
  10. TrevorBradley

    Quote Mark Test

    Testing's Testing's one's two's three's... An old HTML ASCII code trick... ' It brings me back to the days of ALT-255 for non-space whitespace... Hmm, looks like & is already captured... If it works, I'm not suggesting this as a solution to users, but perhaps an alternate way of...
  11. TrevorBradley

    How Open Source Communities Survive Poisonous People

    How Open Source Communities Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too) (apologies if this URL is messed) I was going to post this in just the dev forums, but it's so awesome and applicable here in general that I felt I had to share. It's a 2007 Google Tech Talk by the makers of subversion on...
  12. TrevorBradley

    Best place to get a GP2x Cradle?

    I've been doing a bit of GP2X development in the past couple of days and decided to have a look around for a GP2X cradle... I can't find one for sale anywhere... ebay, stores... they're all gone. Would anyone know where I might be able to get one, or would be willing to part with theirs...
  13. TrevorBradley

    Dosbox Help (again..)

    OK, 6 months later and I thought I'd give DOSBox another try with my DOSBox nemisis of choice, "Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space" with the latest version of dosbox for the GP2x I'm hitting three significant problems: 1) The game appears slow and sound is emulated choppily. I've tried changing...
  14. TrevorBradley

    Beta Galactic Artifact - Compiling

    Need help compiling the freshly released source for Galactic Artifact? Post a question here. If you can manage to compile the game for OSX or 64 bit linux, let me know, this is where we'll co-ordinate the creation of a client that can connect to the network server. This way we can keep our...
  15. TrevorBradley

    Galactic Artifact - Release C

    After two more weeks of feature development and bug fixing, Galactic Artifact: Release C is finally here! From the game manual: QUOTE Galactic Artifact is a real time, non-combat game of space exploration. Alien archaeologists are in search of a prized galactic artifact, hidden away...
  16. TrevorBradley

    Beta Galactic Artifact - Release C

    After two more weeks of feature development and bug fixing, Galactic Artifact: Release C is finally here! Galactic Artifact - Release C (SVN 335). This binary is for Windows and Linux, but an OSX binary should be out within the week. EDIT: Mirror of Galactic Artifact. Use this if...
  17. TrevorBradley

    Pandora Rethinking Floating Point On Pandora.

    EDIT: Read down, I disprove that this is useful further down the page, but thought I'd share this anyways. I know that integer math is pretty fast on Pandora, and floating point math is fairly slow on the pandora, and I know that NEON there to help get around the problem. I'm trying to wrap...
  18. TrevorBradley

    Microbatches And The First Batch Roadmap.

    I recall someone, I believe it was Chip, mentioning that Pandoras would be produced in microbatches of 400 at a time, and be shipped out as they were tested. I'm also pretty sure that my pre-order was exceptionally late, perhaps in the last 100 or so. I'm feeling very confident that those of...
  19. TrevorBradley

    Beta Where Should Galactic Artifact Test Discussion Take Place?

    The beta test forums are a good place to both keep in touch with the community and to get some testing done. But as hando isn't actively maintaining the site, we have some serious limitations here. We shouldn't expand the discussion into too many threads. And we run the risk of a...
  20. TrevorBradley

    Pandora Pandora Linux Kernel Timer

    I've been doing a fair amount of work trying to get consistent frame rates for my game. However after doing a bit of research, it appears that Linux kernels (the 32 bit ones anyways) have a coded 10ms delay in the evaluation of timer events. That is, you can't sleep in intervals of less than...