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  1. Bosbeetle

    I have DRM working in Chromium :)

    I like playing my records (mostly vinyl or cd, and some cassettes) on the go, and the pyra and spotify is good option for that. At least spotify tries to pay the musicians that make the content, so I regularly even "play" songs I play on vinyl on a muted spotify. Some of the artists I know...
  2. Bosbeetle

    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    Ask me about Loom.
  3. Bosbeetle

    My first impressions of the Pyra

    I would like to add an impression, the two small extra gaming buttons work really nice, I was sceptical they seem to be out of the way but they are not at all. I've been playing Streets of rage remake a lot and they are completely intuitive, and accessible love the layout!
  4. Bosbeetle

    Pyra Arrived! First impressions and issues

    Thanks this is good to know.
  5. Bosbeetle

    3D printable sata adapter sleeve

    I really like this are you willing to make one for me that I could buy?
  6. Bosbeetle

    Pyra Arrived! First impressions and issues

    For the menu I've been completely going for pyra button + dpad, for me the fastest way.
  7. Bosbeetle

    Absurdism corner

    The story behind this is even more funny, the girl specifically asked for a cake of the death of mufasa because then everybody would be to sad to eat thus the cake would be for her only... :D
  8. Bosbeetle

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Next Up tommorows harvest, boards of Canada latetst (already from 2013)
  9. Bosbeetle

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    Playing the gorgeous album flugufen by the band ambatt on my pyra connected to my stereo :) I've ordered the album on vinyl but it never arrived, i did get the digital files,luckily, since it got removed from Spotify.
  10. Bosbeetle

    The Caring Corner :)

    It's horrible, the day before you'll turn 40 they'll take a small chunk out of the sun and the day it self is not as sunny as the days before... And like my mother (78) keeps reminding me I'm definetely over the hill now and old.
  11. Bosbeetle

    The Caring Corner :)

    Turned 40 today... :-# but besides that I'm doing fine.
  12. Bosbeetle

    Release Streets of Rage Remake

    This game is fun on the pyra :) It workes with the new SDL but it works better on not widescreen. I run it via gl4es but Im not sure if that does anything does it run via mesa otherwise? Havent tried the difference.
  13. Bosbeetle

    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Therefor the aim is vaccinate the whole country not just Amsterdam :) You should not only focus on deaths but also on Intensive Care, not everybody on the IC will die, but any person for wich we can prevent them having to get intensive care opens up a spot for some other patient (without...
  14. Bosbeetle

    Both full size USB ports not working

    People are on it. It seems to be something in the U-boot while initializing.
  15. Bosbeetle

    Both full size USB ports not working

    Funny side effect USB3 is working even when the other 2 ports are not...
  16. Bosbeetle

    Both full size USB ports not working

    So then boots, than after boot inserted USB stick and watched if drive was mounted, copied a small file from stick to home directory, ejected the USB and shutdown and reboot. This is 30 consequetive reboots in total but three ports tested. black USB port - 8/10 two fails showing port 2 reset...
  17. Bosbeetle

    Both full size USB ports not working

    Will try ten consequtive boots, Ill report back!
  18. Bosbeetle

    Both full size USB ports not working

    it's definetly not normal, I tried three USB memory sticks and all three worked.
  19. Bosbeetle

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    i guess there might be quite some interested I think it is key to not scare away the young devs and give them some chances and credits on this little machine :)
  20. Bosbeetle

    Shadow Warrior / Duke 3D

    Some searching leads to this: which means is not in the package for fluidsyth 1.1.11-1 It probably is in a libsynth package of a higher version but I dont...