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  1. andymanone

    Alternative Tv-Out Solution For Pandora

    Hi @all: (i´ve posted it (a couple of days before), in the german and english GP2x forum , but like i can see, it could be interesting for this board here too ;) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. andymanone

    Alternative Tv-Out Solution For Pandora

    Hi @all: Tired by the long time waiting for Pandora´s never released TV-Out cable, i tried to create my own solution. My little Beta test shows an separate 3,5mm A/V jack supports TV-out (and finally Audio Out too) If it´s ready, the jack will be placed above the Pandoras Expansion Port and is...
  3. andymanone

    Caanoo Terminal Access

    Not a really big thing, but nice to know: The Expansion Port pinout of GPHs Caanoo is nearly the same as on the WIZ, thatswhy it´s possible to use most of Wiz adapters too: Here is a short test video, shows succesfully Terminal acsess to my Caanoo: . Gtx., andY
  4. andymanone

    Gph Caanoo Tv Out Solution Test

    Here you can see a short demonstration of Caanoo´s TV-Out: (to make it possible, i´ve used a selfmade cable and a special TV out tool from GPH) (Good decision: NTSC and PAL now available :) !(for the Wiz only NTSC <_< ) ) . Gtx., andY
  5. andymanone

    Gamepark Vm-100 - The "other" Gp2X Wiz :o)

    Hi folks, like a couple of days in the german forum posted before, I would like to introduce you my new VM-100 from Gampepark. It´s based on the (nearly) same hardware, like the GP2x WIZ, but the focus stands more on the Vocamaster issue with an integrated Mediaplayer, Ebook-Reader and more...
  6. andymanone

    Gp2X Wiz Tv-Out - Howto Und File Now Available !

    Hi folks, sorry 4 delay, but i´m very busy at the moment :( But now finally i´ve done the upload including a little Howto (make an DIY video cable) and the proper code to switch the GP2x WIZ into the TV-OUT mode :D ! Important ! Disclaimer: All modifications at your own risk ! Keep in...
  7. andymanone

    GP2X Gp2X Wiz - Tv-Out Finally Possible !

    So, dear people, as you probably noticed (or maybe not ;) ) ) I was recently very little indeed present here in the forum. This was mainly caused by a drastic career change, which I really did little or no time for other things left a lot. Now I've got me, but now fairly well worked and hope...
  8. andymanone

    New Offical Dingoo Firmware V 1.20 Out Now

    Hi folks, i got actually the hint, that DD has released their latest firmware V 1.20 for the Dingoo now. Download: Release V 1.20 - A320V1.2_.rar Gtx., andY
  9. andymanone

    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Web Browser Available ?

    Hi folks, now i need your help :) I´m searching for a working WIZ-Webbrowser, but till now without success :( ! In the past i´ve used Qtopia (with integrated Opera Browser) for my F100, but unfortunately in the new Wiz-Qtopia Release, Opera is actually not included :( . Has anybody an...
  10. andymanone

    GP2X The (Maybe) First Gp2X Wiz Cradle ;o)

    So, dear people, Weekend have the time made and can be a bit of you today, the (presumably first) Cradle for the WIZ present. Everything is still very "beta" but the basic functions such as USB HOST / HUB and connect the serial (with integrated MAX3232 converter) is in a "beta release"...
  11. andymanone

    Dingoo Little Hardware Mod For A320 Terminal Access

    So, a little bit late, but i decided me to post it here too, maybe someone is intersted in. I made last days a little hardware Mod/Hack for the A320 (based on BooBoo´s basic idea). I´ve built inside the A320 a mini USB port, to get the 4 signals RX, TX, Ground and Power outside. Than i...
  12. andymanone

    GP2X Gp2x F300,32gb,4xusb,wlan,usbnet, The Best Of 3 Worlds :o)!

    Hi folks, last weeks i made some mods on a GP2x . The result is a "F300" ;) with the following specifications: - F100 MK2 Mainboard with FW 3.0 - F200 Case ! - Change the F100 Joy-Control to a D-PAD in F200 Design - using the F200 Display (it´s the same like the F100 Display, but it...
  13. andymanone

    Wtb: Bob Or/and Cradle !

    I´m searching for a used BoB (or/and) Cradle for the GP2x ! If someone have it for sale, please make me a offer :) ! (Please note: i´m living in Germany, so the bob/Cradle must shipped to Berlin/Germany) Thanks and greetings, andYMan