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  1. infinity

    First Laser Engraved Pandora?

    Hey, i was at the CTDO today, together with my Pandora and we had a lot oft Fun playing around with our new 40W Laser Cutter from FS Laser. I had my Pandora with me, of cause;) After a while (4-5 hours) we had done what we had to do. Building the Filter Box and all that so we started to mess...
  2. infinity

    Pandora TV-Out How To

    So, I decided to make my last TV-Out cable, and I will document it so everyone with soldering skills can easily make his own cable, and as a little bonus I designed a simple Housing for the EXT Plug(fits the original Tyco perfectly) so if you have a Hacker space with a 3D Printer in your...