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  1. tigerroast

    My First Linux PC!

    I made the host name juice-runner, but some on here would tell me to call it systemd-box because it's the definition of scope creep. I originally wanted a PS2/Wii/Gamecube emulation box, but I ended up with a mid-range 1080p sleeper. TOTAL COST: ~$405 (Original budget: $550; Revised budget...
  2. tigerroast

    Etnaviv on Pyra?

    The recent progress Etnaviv's been making has generated some Phoronix articles, and it's got me thinking. The OMAP5 CPU-board for the Pyra has a Vivante GC320 2D core. Maybe some open-source magic can be worked in? Now, there's an immediate problem in that, in the master branch on Github, they...