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  1. DaMummy

    Ubisoft F**kery So while so many people say that Nintendo should throw in the towel with the WiiU, I'd much rather see Xbox and Playstation give it up so we don't have to put up with this kind of shit. BTW, Ubisoft promised...
  2. DaMummy

    Game Developer Tom Clancy dead at 66.

    Tom Clancy's publisher confirms to the NYT that he died last night in a hospital in Baltimore.
  3. DaMummy

    Wishful Cosplay

    I've asked someone this question in our IRC channel, and got some nice responses. And after seeing the latest Anime thread on here, thought maybe I'd ask here as well. If you were to cosplay, without any limitations, who would it be?
  4. DaMummy

    April Fools 2013

    It's that time of the year again, and once again, we're searching for the internets best April Fool prankster companies. I'll start it off with one. ok i cant figure out how to post videos on here anymore
  5. DaMummy

    Do you find my signature offensive?

    have gotten a few requests/warning/complaints before, see how it goes.
  6. DaMummy

    Worst Company in America Bracket 2012

    Beating out the likes of AT&T, WalMart, Bank of America, Comcast, Facebook, Apple, SallieMae, Ticketmaster, Netflix, & Sony, I present to you, The winner of this years Golden Poo award, none other then...
  7. DaMummy

    Online April Fools!

    how about we share some online April Fools jokes in here. first up...Google!
  8. DaMummy

    Alpha Collection (HIB like) another humble indie bundle clone, worth a mention because it includes linux builds
  9. DaMummy

    WebOS going OSS just thought i'd mention it. maybe a pandora port someday in the future
  10. DaMummy

    Pandoras At Landmarks And Famous Places

    since i have no idea why she didnt start this thread over here in the first place, i thought id take it upon myself to transfer it over....without further adieu... and here's some from my trip to Washington DC, excuse the low quality pictures, taken from my brothers broken cell phone camera on...
  11. DaMummy

    USB Adapters

    I'm looking to acquire any controller usb adapters for consoles to pandora can emulate. I've already got the adaptoid for my n64 needs, but would like some input what people are using or know about. I'm not looking to buy from you, that's why i didn't put this in trading forum, I'm just looking...
  12. DaMummy

    Printer Support

    has anyone been able to setup a printer to use with pandora, either throught usb or any wireless option? if so, what were your procedures?
  13. DaMummy

    Pandora on HackADay could be nteresting to some users
  14. DaMummy

    Fixing the D-Pad

    i know there was a thread somewhere that goes into detail how to fix a squishy dpad or button, but i cant for the life of me locate said thread, while i should be just find just going by EDs lcd cable replace video to fix my dpad issue, i wouldnt mind some specialized info on the subject
  15. DaMummy

    chkdsk NTFS in linux?

    im having some issues with one of my drives since "updating" to ubuntu 11.04, it simply refuses to be mountable for whatever reason, after trying a bunch of random crap, i wonna try something like chkdsk in windows since ntfs is windows native and has fixed some ntsf issues before for me, but i...
  16. DaMummy

    New Ed Wideo that is all....
  17. DaMummy

    Humble Indie Bundle

    ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! starts at 9:30 am PST today, with the following games. Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Upcoming game Jack Claw (includes source code), Splot Pre-order.
  18. DaMummy

    GOG games that run on Pandora

    Which games sold on run on the pandora in any which way, i should pick up some of those as well i guess, and it seems a lot of people praise the baldurs gate series, so i figure id give it a try myself.
  19. DaMummy

    Name the cheat above you

    name of the game is to name the game where the cheat comes from that the person above you planted. only allowed to answer if you have a cheat code of your own to post, ill of course start with the most obvious one, so answer what game its from, then post a cheat of your own for people to guess...
  20. DaMummy

    Nintendo 3DS