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  1. moz

    The good

    We've all been busy discussing what the Pyra should have, and all the crazy ideas of mods Etc. I think we need a thread about the Pyra we know we're going to get and what we like/love about it (or the idea of it) Personally I cannot wait for the Pyra, I don't have a Pandora anymore, and never...
  2. moz

    Original 1st Batch Pandora for sale

    hi everyone; I assume some of you remember me. I've gone through some tough times after disappearing off these boards, and due to this I am quite homeless at the moment. So regretfully I have to sell my Pandora. Hoping to get around $275AUD plus shipping, but I am open to all offers, PM me. In...
  3. moz

    The pyramid thread (split from other thread)

    I AM!
  4. moz

    Show off your handhelds!

    As the title says, take a photo of your handheld consoles, and compare it to everyone elses collections! Heres mine: I'm excited to see what everyone else has :) EDIT: Bloody hell, I forgot the Pandora!
  5. moz

    Having problems with the boards.

    Hey guys, I'm having a little problem with the boards. This problem is that I cannot post in threads/PMs/etc. using the full board. It is working with the mobile version at the moment, so there is no big hurry to fix the issue. I have tried multiple browsers (FF, Chrome, IE), all of them had...
  6. moz

    The Quick Questions Thread

    I thought this may be a good idea. RULES: no question, no answer, no post that will be all rules are meant to be broken (just not too much) these rules may or may not be plagiarized from another forum I'll get this started, what is the resolution for n64 emulation? I've seen both...
  7. moz

    One Chance

    link to game This is a great little game that left me thinking, give it a go and share your ending if you wish. I killed john in the end, I thought I was going so well :(
  8. moz

    One video per day - Discussions

    Here you can comment on the stickied one video per day thread: video requests go here:
  9. moz

    Scale Of The Universe: Discuss
  10. moz

    Tried ordering a second batch pandora

    Hey, I am new here. My name is Moz. I tried to buy a pandora from the private order page - but google checkout didn't allow shipping to my australian address. So a few days ago i tried ordering it via email, but I never received a reply. Is this normal? Could somebody please help me...
  11. moz

    Gp2x Clock Speed Tester?

    whats the name of the app that tests the max speed of the 2x by auto increments? ive done a search in files but only found a benchmark util that doesn't allow auto overclocking thanks
  12. moz

    True Online Swos!

    please please please dont screw this up! Online SWOS
  13. moz

    Zodiac2, Whats The Max Sd Card Size?

    Zodiac2, whats the max SD card size?
  14. moz

    A Sign Of The Times

    my 4 year old now has a new insult. when provoked he says "your a dead pixel"
  15. moz

    Resident Evil Series Games

    i now have access to the resident evil series, via playstation 1, dreamcast and gamecube. which is the best order to play the series?
  16. moz

    Smash Up The Wii

    Vid to follow mmm moz looks at his Dreamcast :P
  17. moz

    Smash Up The Ps3

    smash the ps3
  18. moz

    Q&a: Gp2x Chief Craig Rothwell

    post it in wrong forum doh, have post in theis rather than news Q&A: GP2X chief Craig Rothwell
  19. moz

    Q&a: Gp2x Chief Craig Rothwell

    Q&A: GP2X chief Craig Rothwell yeah shoot me of its already old news
  20. moz

    £600, Decision Time

    do i spend £600 on this years gym membership or do i buy a LCD TV?