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    has anyone tried this game?

    it's called 'Bouncing Bill 2' what do you think of it? (ok, it is my game) :rolleyes:
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    GP32 Windows Bitmap Loader

    Yesterday i wrote a Windows Bitmap loader and today i thought i would share it with "the community"... images can be compressed with either RLE4, RLE8, or totally uncompressed. it will load 4bit/8bit bitmaps in 8bit colour mode, or 4bit/8bit/24bit bitmaps in 16bit colour mode! e.g. usage...
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    i just pressed SELECT to get a game list up for A_69_5.STT (so many games on this disk it screws up the dialog box!) next second my gp32 resets itself and the boot animation and sound effects are playing at ludicrous speed! :lol: i panicked a bit and turned it off quick! :huh: i guess it...
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    GP32 GCC structure alignment

    does anyone know how i can byte align structures in a header file so they don't get padded with extra space? normally i would do: e.g. #pragma pack(push) #pragma pack(1) struct sBmpFileHeader { word bfType; dword bfSize; word bfReserved1; word bfReserved2; dword bfOffBits; }; #pragma...