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  1. Gregor

    Anybody looking for game background music?

    I've decided that I'm wholly incapable of the overarching managerial tasks required to make a game for the Pandora, and that frankly I don't want to invest the effort writing so much code when code is what I do all day anyway. So instead, I wonder if anybody's looking for someone to write...
  2. Gregor


    I hacked together a system for making Pandora's Angstrom and Debian play together. PanDebian will install a debootstrap-generated chroot of Debian to a loopback file or ext{2,3}-formatted SD card and give you simple access to it (no additional X11, no separate window manager). Download URL...
  3. Gregor

    Looking for photographers/storyboarders for a game

    A long long time ago, on a forum far away, I introduced my intent to write ZEE for the Pandora. ZEE is Zoom-Enhance-Extrapolate, an image-based maze game parodying those ridiculous scenes in spy movies where they take some photo, zoom in on it, "enhance" it by some magic, extrapolate other...