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    Rebirth Pandora for sale (SOLD) Crayon not included You get the Pandora (stylus and battery included), Charger (not pictured), 16GB SD Card, TV Out cable (made by a forum member here), and box (not in perfect condition).  The Pandora does have...
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    Just got my Pandora

    I just got my Pandora today and I figured I would come here to praise the community and it's makers as well as ask a few questions. I haven't used it much so far but I am very pleased with the overall build and the OS.  The PND system is simply brilliant.  The controls are amazing...except the...
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    How do you check the TOTAL Ram amount?

    How do you check the Total RAM amount on the Pandora? Got my Pandora and want to make sure it is 512MB not 256MB.
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    Virtual Boy Emulator

    I noticed there is no port of any of the open source Virtual Boy emulators.  How likely is it for a newb to port something like Reality Boy to the Pandora?  It is available for linux if that matters. 
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    SDXC Compatibility?

    How is the Pandora compatible with SDXC?  Also is there anyone here that uses them in their Pandora?
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    256MB or 512MB

    I see people selling Classics with 256MB for pretty cheap, would it really be worth it to pay the extra like 150 to get a 512MB Rebirth Edition instead of used CC?  I really want a Pandora so bad.....trying to sell my ASUS Tablet, Wiz and One of my 24" LCD HDTVs!  Thanks for any input.  Sorry if...