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  1. cbox

    OBD-II software

    Recently ordered an OBD-II USB adapter from DealExtreme (like 20 bucks) and was wondering if anyone was looking into porting software that uses this vehicle diagnostics connector. It looks like there are quite a few open source linux programs out just by googling it (...
  2. cbox

    Decent Price On 32 Gig Sd Card

    Over at they have a 32 gig card for $29.99 for today only! ($5 shipping)
  3. cbox

    Pandora Power Switch

    Just got my pandora and am a little confused about the power button, I thought when you closed the lid it went into power save mode or something, so I did that and took my pandora home and then when I brought it back to work its down to like 15% power, so I guess it keeps running with the lid...
  4. cbox

    Just In Time For Pandora

    Starting July 1st, Starbucks in the U.S. will be offering free wifi at all their locations.
  5. cbox

    Steam Linux Client

    Rumor is that Steam is working on a Linux client, how long before we have people wondering if there will be Half-Life and all its sequels on Pandora?
  6. cbox

    Infinite Usb

    Wow, no one has thought of this before? click here Would be perfect for Pandora
  7. cbox

    Interesting Ipad Alternative

    Found a link to this interesting ARM pad device Probably uses a similar SOC to the Pandora, and will be as open as it, decent price point for...
  8. cbox

    Squeezebox Possible With Pandora?

    Recently set myself up a squeezebox server on my network, any idea if the software player could be ported to Pandora?
  9. cbox

    $19.99 Gps

    Found this good buy at a website for a USB gps for Pandora or what not, around 20 bucks Not sure what chipset it is
  10. cbox

    Mp3 Player

    I will be using the Pandora as a replacement for my Archos and would be using it for MP3 play a lot so I decided to research and see what MP3 players are out there that could do similar things, especially looking for something that would index ID3 tag info, found these, was wondering if anyone...
  11. cbox

    Question About Bluetooth

    With something like this hooked up to a PC Fry's link do you think it would be possible to transfer files from the Pandora to the PC and vice versa?
  12. cbox

    GP2X Vob Player For Gp2x?

    Now that we have usb host and can hook up external hard drives, any idea if there's a Linux port that will play straight DVD VOB files just like you were watching a dvd with no need to rip and encode?
  13. cbox

    4 Gig Sd Card $209 After Rebate

    Saw this deal earlier on,ECOSTCJ not sure how good is and if the gp2x even can use 4 gigs yet.
  14. cbox

    Civ/sim City Type Game?

    I was looking around for a game like that for the gp2x and I found the following open source projects with code: open source civilization open source sim city open source space sim any idea if any of these would port to gp2x easily?