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    How Many Pandora''s Have Been Sold As Of Today ?

    Just Wondering. Anyone from the Pandora team care to answer that question ? Thx :)
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    Who Ordered The Pandora Case ?

    I am just wondering if I should cancel this part of my order. I haven't heard much about it and am wondering if it will be available when the system comes out.....anyone know ?
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    How Do I Get Artwork Samples In Mame4all Front End?

    I download everything that was available for MAME4ALL v1.5 and it's running great on my f-200 but I have no sample artwork to go with each game on the front end menu and am not sure where to get it or how to install it so that it will be working. Any help is appreciated. This is the example I...
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    Is There Any Way To Save High Scores With Mame4all ?

    I can do this on my arcade cabinet , at least with games that were set up for this like robotron, stargate etc......does anyone know if this is possible ? To me that is the whole point for arcade style games.....
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    Can't Get Gmenu To Work With My F-200 V.2

    This menu came preloaded in an SD "monster" card and when I try to autorun ( I know the autorun function is broken but it won't even run once) it the screen goes blank. Any ideas ?
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    Are There 2 Versions Of Fw 4.1.1 For The F-200?

    I have v.2 with the new screen and see only one version on the gp2x site.............any info? thx
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    Instalation Problem For F-200 With Tar File

    having trouble but looks interesting :) anyone who I have to use gmenu or should it work on the default menu too ?
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    Problems With Pocketsnes V 6.4.4

    I am running FW 4.0.2 on the f-200.(mk II) should this emulator work ? (pocket snes v6.4.4) getting black screen........:( It says that it is compatible with the f-100 but I am hoping this is outdated info on the gp2x page and that I am doing something wrong. (also says vice2x for c64 is only...
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    Anyone With The Newest F-200 That Came With 4.0.2 Fw ?

    If you have this model , please pm me thx.................................need some help...just got it.
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    Rechargeable Batteries For Gp2x

    Hi, I hear people saing they use 2700 mah.what about 2200 0r 2500.what's the difference and will they all work?
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    How To Upgrade My Fw Safely (4.0.2 F-200 Mk Ii )

    I am still not clear on this. I want all emulators to work, then the main menu touchscreen, then homebrew touch in that order so if I have to lose the homebrew touch for the time it's ok. Also is the new gmenu2x recommended over the default one ? Much good advice given already but does anyone...
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    Buying The F-200.....need Help From A User

    So, I am buying the f-200 used...any questions I can ask to know if it's a new one or the old one ? and do they both run the same emulators ? thx This is info about the system from the seller: I don't know about the screen version but if it helps, this unit was purchased 5/14/2008. Also, on...
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    Are There 2 Version Of The F-200

    I heard this and was wondering and if so what are the differences ?
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    Intellivision Emulator

    Has anyone actually used the Intellivision emulator for the f-200..............just wondering. Not the most popular amulator I know but would love to get it running if possible....anyone ??
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    Best Emulators For The F-200 ?

    I am looking to buy the f-200 and would like to know the best emulators for this system. As I look at all the emulators, it seems like many are only listed as working for the f-100...etc, can someoen who has the f-200 let me know if they all work for the f-200 as well? (maybe the site was not...
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    Will High scores be saved permanently using MAME emulator ?

    I have MAME on an arcade PC and High scores are saved exactly as they would be on the original arcade machine. Is this a feature that is included in the emulator or does it have to be added ? Having High scores is a very important feature to me for arcade games. I did not do the set up myself so...
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    Will it be possible to have PinMAME on Pandora? Anyone interested in this emulator? Does it even work properly? I have no idea but am very interested in classic pinball emulation. Any information would be appreciated.