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    Your Linux project looks really nice. Congratulations! I hope you get enough interest in the fosdem. Introduce the GP32 to some more Linux-happy people and Gamepark will for sure be able to sell more units :). Maybe some of them end up in home automation or car mp3 jukeboxes, but who cares ;-).
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    What Will You Do When Ds/psp Comes Out?

    Its the other way around. DS will behave like a gba with a gba flashcart inserted (if they work at all) and no rewritable ds carts will be available for quite a while. The PSP on the other hand is a dream for emulators, its fast, has a huge screen and they alreay announced that games will be...
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    Buying A Gp32 In Korea ?

    I ordered from in May '02 and the old non-blu was 185000 Won. None of the stores which was selling gp32 at that time is selling them now. The GP32 is even harder to find in shops, you really need to order via Internet. If you are there only for a short time, let a...
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    Any News From Yoyofr On Opensnes?

    dont expect an update soon. he has a zodiac now, so he wont touch the gp32 too often
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    Gp32 Blu At Lik-sang In Stock

    so how much is a gp32 blu including shipping/money transfer/customs? probably more than 200 euro which i pay in italy/spain?
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    Gpadvance Whats New

    Please, news team, look into*che...ommentaires.txt to find out about the changes in the new version. They write even in english now: ----------------------------------------------- Torlus (11/07): ----------------------------------------------- - Small...
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    Gp32 Is Dead

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    Gp32 Is Dead

    thats an easy problem, i had it the other day. you just havs.to09YwsÐ ìûo°Ñ¾gÍ*DÔØ& b‘µÔ&ÐM䀻ÊÿsÊ uuqr(I®óŒs¼aôw{3­!W`ÍeMÝ=)¯x&ÉÌm0o·6 ÜwñøtÂÈ1ÄÐUIh¥/¶ì½¶ÜÂrJȊs }Úä½ 4þ ´¦æp$sA]*³ÒRKc$_«á«®#wy†C¡Š€¯ óõþpÄ×5x¶”...
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    Gp32 Blu - Cheapes Price?

    I would like to know the places in spain and italy where the gp32 blu is available for order. I want to buy it for euro to avoid currency differences and i could also go to italy or spain for my order but i saw that in the shop it always seems to be 200 euro. Thanks!
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    Will Be Released Gpengine 0.5 And Osnes 0.5...

    gpengine is not connected with osnes.
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    Pong - The Real One

    Hi Hando, I think the pong idea is great. I cant wait to try it at home. I can remeber playing pong and tennis and all these games on a german equivalent of a Magnavox Odyssey when I was a little kid. I hope the typical sound is there, too :)
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    A Nintendo Ds Picture
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    Turboexpress Prices Might Start Dropping On Ebay

    well then play the other emulators of that aera (genesis, snes) and see how tight they are. What do you like for a shoot-em-up? Either savestates or rather fullspeed emulation? Ever asked why nobody says "I played rtype/super aleste on the snes and liked it since it has savestates."? Both games...
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    Official 2004 British Meetup Thread - Open!

    Lets do the brit meetup in Germany! We can eat Maultaschen in Stuttgart.
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    Codeless Game Creation

    Look at VNS, the virtual novel system for novel style games. look at zot! for gauntlet style games. You can definitely do rpgs in zot sooner or later and it is actively developed. Both are controlled by scripts, zot even has a windows part, so you write your...
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    Radio Freq. Stuff

    you could try my gpasteroids, too
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    GP32 Rf Linkage

    So as trans said, the rflib is by black-, the one who also wrote gpengine. It was made for the multiplayer mode in gpengine. It works fine and a new version will be out sometime. My gpasteroids still uses gp's rf functions (and is thus a little slow in multiplayer mode), but Jump'n'bump of...
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    Game Maker .. Anyone Interested?

    your scripting language looks very nice and simple. maybe labels for actions, texts, etc. would be handy (instead of numbers), but taking care of a symbol table in run time is probably not on your priority list... :) would it be possible to move e.g. a wall out of the way when a button is...
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    Game Maker .. Anyone Interested?

    Sounds perfect. I still wait for perl on the gp32 though. :-) But the gp32 people are strange. First all the kiddies cry out they want to program something. Then when given the virtual novel system, there is nobody really using it. Lets see wether it will be different this time. Anyway, Im...
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    How Good Is Gpengine?

    No, andmaz was right. PCengine had no save function for most games and thats the way it was intended. for rpgs saving seems vital, but pcengine is there for the shoot-em-ups.