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    please vote for gbax to bring out commercial games

    I think were all missing the point. GP32 was launched in Korea with only Korea in mind. They seem like they could care less about anywhere else in the world ( which is completely screwed all to hell because GP has sold more units around the world than in korea- The last I heard of it...
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    Has anyone heard anything about these emulators comming to gp32? I would hope it could be done ! ;) yuzo
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    Best GP32 games to play when your high..

    ( shaking head and laughing )
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    GP32 Overclocking Tester

    Thanks general for the incremental test fxe. I made it up to 172 before the gp froze. Thanks again :) yuzo
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    GBAX GP32s pre-flashed to MFW?

    With a failed multifw flash under my belt, I would highly suggest the The euroFW. though flawed in the area of not loading a few fxe's I have yet to experience a failed flash using it. Also, it seems like it would be the ideal candidate for the pre-flashed package. It would take craig only a...
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    166mhz Overclocking....

    Using doom as a OC-rater is cool, but it dosent offer much in the middle, if you know what I mean. To get an even better Idea of where you can overclock, try using the OC'd emulators that are available- for example, I learned that I could oc at 160mhz just fine and play at 166 and 180 for only...
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    GP32 MISC assembler for ARM

    Quite impressive- This will encourage a flood of homebrew apps !!! EXCELENT!!! Count me in- :) yuzo
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    High speed SNES

    My new gp32 crashes in doom at 166mhz- every time, it crashes 20 seconds into a game. My older gp32 ran doom at 166 like a dream- Now, im thinking of transplanting my new lcd monitor to the older gp32 ( I still have the parts )- I would imagine it could possibly reach the 180 benchmark...
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    is playstation emulation possible?

    If you want psx emulation, you may have to get an Asus a600 pocket pc- Hey! its cheaper than a zodiac and is just as fast, I believe. I could be wrong, but I have seen a few holliday specials for 250usd. Appearently, these guys (emulator authors) created a utility that compresses playstation...
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    Nintendos Ique

    Yeah, thats what I think too- Nintendo seem to be a little prdictable like that some times- If the "Revolutionary" device is a n64 with an lcd that would be awesome from a gaming standpoint- but from a development standpoint, life would suck as the n64 didnt have a dedicated 2d engine- It was...
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    My Gp32 monitor needs tweaking

    Yeah, cheeseman- thats what I wanted to do but if I did, I wouldent see the unit until jan 2004- phuk that shit! :) Thats way too long to go without a gp32- Some good news........ I left the gp32 on over night- I ran the SMS emu and loaded a rom with a good attract mode to avoid a burn-in. -...
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    Dirty SMC

    he he Nice one, doctor.. I agree. :) As for the smc situation, it mostly depends on how frequently you write to the card- If you've erased it and written to it a ba-zillion times you WILL notice missing gold blotches on the card itself and thats when its time get a new one. But, you can...
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    is 180Mhz safe

    I tried running the 180mhz snes and genesis emulators on my gp and none of the games seem to boot at all. I have no doubts that the higher emus should run as other OC'd emus run fine (Gpengine, etc)- Im currently using the european FW and I think that may have a bit to do with it. Are there...
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    GP32 for sale!!

    Man, I totally know what position joe is in. It sucks hardcore- but, the gp32 is the last thing id sell- Id sell my 3.0ghz computer before getting rid of the gp32. Hey joe- where are you going with that gp32 in your hands? I'm going down to sell it, you know I got tired of messing around...
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    What would you like to see on gp32 next.

    I put this poll up as an attempt to convince an asm coder ( who may sign-on for gp32 support). Please, please please vote- Unlike the U.S presidential elections, your vote could seriously make a diffrence here. :) thanks- yuzo.
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    My Gp32 monitor needs tweaking

    Yep- I've been dinking around with the gamma settings of the emulators but the problem there is, the brighter the gamma setting, the more washed out the colors become- It just seems the monitor is darker than it should be and the graphic richness has left the building.... Slightly- Your idea...
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    My Gp32 monitor needs tweaking

    I just purchased yet a 4th gp32 system a week ago and it was seriously tampered with. Firstly, When I opened the box, the gp32 was placed backwards in the cardboard holder, the plastic screen protector was sloppily put on and when I turned on the unit for the first time, the flu light went...
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    Save Jacko

    Yeah, You guyz rock alright- Generalnmx is right in a major way. This coverage were getting on MJ here in america is almost like propaganda. There are so many important things that have happened around the world and the only thing I see on tv is MJ, kobe bryant and the corny late night jokes...
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    Save Jacko

    That was hilarious... considering I was playing moonwalker on my gp32 as kind-of hommage to the man whose world may crumble right before our eyes. I agree, michael needs a gp32. He can play with that for as long as he likes and it wont put him in jail with his bail set at 3million dollars-...