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    "Novena: Building a laptop from scratch" by Sean Cross

    This is a whole bunch of interesting, I'd hope Ed considers having a similar talk regarding the Pyra once it's done. also, ED, have you never had any communication with Bunny/Xobs? They have some serious contacts and might be able to work together one way or another. I'm sure they would love...
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    webdev wanted - small paid project

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    NVIDIA Jetson TK1 development kit $192

    Press release: Buy from here Looks like a mighty fine dev board.. considering it needs a AC adapter.. let's say it's not Pyra safe :)...
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    Pyra Repo - new design ideas

    I love the repo.. It's amazing.. but I think we should consider how we can update it and make it responsive for use on the desktop and Pyra... I wouldn't have a problem with a bootstrap based design. I've got a half finished design I'll upload soon for your criticing. Anybody got any ideas on...
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    Breaking News: Pyra is still a bad name.. more like pyHA

    ooh well.. Let's forget about this whole name thing and get on with more idle speculation on the keyboard layouts..
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    Pandora 2 as NAS

    I think it needs a RAID card and four SATA ports in the back... opinions?
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    ARM TechCon Expo Santa Clara, California... Anybody want to go and get some contacts for ED... ;)
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    6 buttons AB/CD/XY and 4 shoulder buttons?

    The Pandora has four buttons... and two sholder buttons.. I think everybody wants 4 shoulders but how about 6 front buttons?
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    All new threads must be polls?

    I vote yes.
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    Vote to include a tiny motor to use the Pandora 2 as a massage tool

    I think this is a great idea... let's us emulate the rumble pack... or play Rez with our partners
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    Help Shlee write his slides for his hackerspace talk ;) I'm looking for 50 amazing things about the Pandora... I'll keep working on this over the next week but I need some hints on topics I should include and some pictures/videos I could attach to my pandora. Focusing on the linux desktop first and gaming...
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    List of the supported MAME games (and required ROMs)

    Can we get a list of all of the zips and the md5 hashes of known working files? 1942 Aliens Amidar Asteroids Bad Dudes Black Tiger Bomb Jack Bubble Bubble Burger Time Circus Charlie Dig Dug Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Elevator Action Flying Shark Frogger Galaga Galaxian Ghost'n Gobins Green...
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    Fulfilling preorders without EvilDragon.... Here be dragons!

    Hi,   There has been an amazing amount of discussion over the 500 remaining preorders and the onus always seems to fall to ED and this is horrible.. so Id love to see some discussion about the idea of peoples ideas and options for preorders without ED ever factoring into this... As ED has said...
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    old nub new nub

    What do we think of the current nubs? Are there other options? This design is friendier but the case won't be able to close as a clamshell.
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    ODROID-XU - Exynos5 Octa big.LITTLE arm board for $149

    ODROID-XU - Exynos5 Octa Cortex™-A15 1.6Ghz 4 core and Cortex™-A7 4 core CPU This looks damn amazing and it's cheap
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    Open-source programmable hand-held console, FEZ Game-O Looks like a piece o' crap but it's an interesting idea.
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    MediaTek announced its breakthrough MT8135

    MediaTek announced its breakthrough MT8135 system-on-chip (SoC) for high-end tablets. The quad-core solution incorporates two high-performance ARM Cortex™-A15 and two ultra-efficient ARM Cortex™-A7 processors, and the latest GPU from Imagination Technologies, the PowerVR™ Series6 G6200 (OpenGL...
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    [Kickstarter] DIY Spider tank robot from a real life mad scientist

    I've been following Jaimie for years on YouTube as he's been lives in the Canadian wilderness in a multilevel house be built himself constructing a massive car sized spider tank robot..... this kickstarter is a tiny one and I NEED it :D DIY walking spider tank built by the closest I've ever...
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    Apogee Releases Blake Stone Source Code
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    First draft of my serious review. [Zero funny]

    For those of you already aware of the OpenPandora and the mere mention of it is making you giggle to yourself, I have a story with a happy ending for you. Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.   History:  The original OpenPandora started shipping in 2010 and under...