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    Gpfrontier - Elite 2: Frontier Ported To Gp2x

    Im new to this game and it looks really awesome. Just cant seem to get over the control problems. Is a new version going to fix it?
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    Need Ideas For A Game

    I have an idea based on 2 different games. Both are not exactly hugely popular titles but great nun the less. In the game Clonk ( ) you control the characters directly to dig up earth and build buildings all in the name of creating a city or destroying your...
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    It looks great....but isnt everything a little to big? There is no space to move around in.
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    I found this site that seems to have a bunch of mods for cave story.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    Before half life 2 was released someone hacked valves servers and downloaded partial source code for the "source engine". The name of the half life 2 engine is source. No source code for half life 1 has ever been leaked, released or in some other way given to the public. Does that clear it up?
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    Gba Emulation

    It realy sound like your using an old version of gpsp. this is the latest version: Also if your gp2x is going to crash after 15 minutes at 250mhz why not just over clock to 240mhz instead.... its not going to hurt. But its only 24/25 the performance zomg!
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    Gba Emulation

    I consider a emulator fullspeed if the game runs at the same speed it would on the console with frameskip 1 or 2 and sound. Iv been playing pokemon emerald at frameskip 1 at 200mhz. its running great. full speed and everything. (as in the same speed as the console) i would run it at frameskip 0...
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    Gpsp 0.9-2xa

    I noticed that rolling does not work anymore in Zelda- The Minish Cap.
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    Tower Defence 2x

    Is there any chance you can make the towers more accurate? It seams that on anything but the most strait on placement the bullets (or whatever) only hit 1 in 5 times. But other than that great work. :)
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    Pocketsnes Released

    I think hes banned right now
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    A Doc That May Help Squidgesnes Transparency Issues

    I just tried pocksnes with zelda and i noticed there are no diagonals.
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    Ttd2x: Transport Tycoon Deluxe On The Gp2x

    So any chance of getting a way to pull up the cheat menu? :D
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    Guess What? A Port Of Gpsp (gba) To The Gp2x...

    You just love making the impossible possible dont you? :)
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    Some News Of Things To Come...

    no i think thats just his inability to put a argument to rest
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    Some News Of Things To Come...

    because it was going to be posted eventually anyway:
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    Drmdx V5b7a Released

    its only one piece of software.........
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    Super Mario Mayhem Port

    and unplayable on the gp2x
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    Pirates Classic Remake

    im just expressing my opinion. dont read to much into it :P
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    Pirates Classic Remake

    i hate the grass in those tiles :P and the water. the colors are to.....bland? *stabs clouds*