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    Xperia Play

    Seems sonys got a problem. And another story.... Seen as you can add a wiimote (with classic controler) to a android smartphone, & they can emulate PS1 (PSX4Droid I dont really see much point in this phone, the hardware is already outdated at relase, get it on 2 year contract and your...
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    Nintendo Wii Hd A.k.a. Nintendo Wii 2

    Leaked video shows whats to replace the wiimote! and you can see glimses of the actuall console
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    New Competition (has Anyone Seen These?)

    any idea how long it would take for shipping to the uk, im going away on the 16th of nov and would like to get one to take with me
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    A Brief History Of Gp2x?

    Im not having a pop at anyone, im just replying to zodttd's orignal post. Personaly I dont see any point in the f200 atall, 2 years later and no improvments apart from the things that should have been there 2 years ago. However what I belive is irelivant in this thread, as zodttd asked what...
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    A Brief History Of Gp2x?

    It seem from your article that you want people to buy the f200 to save the "community", it dosent say anything about bying it as its a good handhand. 2 years later and we have a touch screen and a lets all hold hands, pat each other on the back and suport the f200. not that its...
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    Nintendo Makes Some Announcements

    Motorcycles for Mario Kart Wii
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    Handheld Web Browser

    seems to be lots of hidden costs/monthly carges
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    Gp2x-f200 Presentation Video

    not to bothered about this one (yet?). Hopefully though, the release of this will bring the price of the f-100 down
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    Recorded Vcr - Dvd Laws

    unless they are copyright protected the would be no issue.
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    Anyone Got A Pm From This Guy ?

    Hello I am interested in buying the Frontlit Gp32 With Extras that you have laced for sell now, and I would want to enquire about the resent condition of the above mentioned, as well as some detail about you. I expect this timely enough. As for the ayment, I would need you to get back in touch...
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    Gp32 For Nes

    Sell the 128mb SMC card seperatly, you will get £25+ for it.
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    Frontlit Gp32 With Extras For Sale

    il start you off @ £15 inc P&P
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    New Media Palyer

    Alot of phones record in *.3gp or have the option to so to call it usless format is a bit rash, im not saying its a good format, but its defenitly not useless. A 3gp player would be very welcome :)
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    Yay Woo!

    You must be having a fun birthday sitting there refreshng the page every 2 sec's waiting for someone to post in your birthday thread, the birthday thread you had to make yourself lol
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    Yay Woo!

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    Need A Small Pmp For Work

    thanks guys, im looking at the Zodiac now. also i managed to get a SE K800i off a crackhead for £20 on the weekend, its got a 320x240 screen and can play video at 25/29fps so im going to see what a couple of filmes/tv shows look like on it, the sceen is a bit small though so it might not be...
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    Need A Small Pmp For Work

    I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, the hard thing i have to do there is actually finding something to do. I have spent the last 2 weeks getting paid to do absolutely nothing. so to make my days more intresting I am looking for a small portable video player so I can take tv series and...
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    For Sale: Random Crap

    No, its converter
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    More Issues - Torrents

    Dont worry about dtools, Downlaod ISOBuster and open the image file in that, extract the files you want from the image then install them from wherever you have extracted them to. also make sure your torrent file has downlaoded 100% before you try...