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  1. Loonie

    Mounting an FTP server as a local drive

    Hey guys, Is there actually a way to mount an FTP server as a drive on Pandora? I've just set up a NAS and configured it to run an FTP server so non-windows devices can access it. I can use FileZilla from the Pandora repo to transfer files to and from the NAS, but I want to be able to stream...
  2. Loonie

    Cache misses

    Hello programmer types with Pandora experience, I'm creating some elaborate bitmap transforms for a game background, basically precalculated stuff stored in a 2D one-dimensional integer array. The array contains which pixel of the bitmap should be displayed in which pixel of screen. This is all...
  3. Loonie

    More on the nub issue

    Hey all, So that I have a more usable Pandora, I decided to desolder the nubs and swap them around, and also have a look at what might have been the trouble. Think I've found it. The simple design surprised me, surprising mostly in that it can achieve the results it does. Very interesting...
  4. Loonie

    New nub needed

    Yes indeed, it seems the left nub on my 1GHz unit is starting to become quite unreliable. Particularly, the left direction seems to fail, and I keep having to reset the nubs to get it behaving again. After the last instance of resetting and calibrating, I fired up Gran Turismo, and promptly...
  5. Loonie

    Teeth of Blue

    Hello, bit manipulators. I have recently acquired one of these, a bluetooth handsfree thingy with playback controls. It is the playback controls that are of interest to me. I'd like to be able to read button events from the controller within C++, but I've no clue how to do it, and an...
  6. Loonie

    USB OTG cables etc.

    Hi all, Took delivery of a couple of USB OTG cables from Dealextreme to try out. Both seem to work fine. I tested them with a mouse and a flash drive, all looked OK. They are @ $1.60 and @ $1.90. Two things I've found: Firstly, my Logitech...
  7. Loonie

    Issue with USB OTG

    Hey all. Think I've found a problem with the USB OTG. When I fresh-boot the Pandora, I can plug in a suitable adapter and use a mouse or other peripheral as expected. If I flick the power switch to put the Pandora into its standby mode thingy, when I power it back on again, the port no...
  8. Loonie

    Havin' some problems linking

    Hi all, I've been setting up my dev environment to stat making some Pandora stuff, but I've hit an obstacle. Note: I am working in Windows (*spit, spit*) I've set up the toolchain from the Code Sourcery site (I'm using arm-2011.09\arm-none-linux-gnueabi), I've grabbed the additional...
  9. Loonie


    I know the CPU clock can be moved up or down, but I'm curious to know if the memory/GPU/NEON clock speeds can be changed. Not actually for overclocking, but rather to produce speeds similar to the 3530 SOC. Whatever I may develop, I want to ensure it runs decently on the standard hardware.
  10. Loonie

    Temper, Temper

    I was just sat here wondering what type of irritating naggy post I could create, when it suddenly occurred to me: Temper! Exo: Since it looks like Pandoras are finally crawling their way into people's hands again, I am both keen and curious to know how things are going with your excellent PC...
  11. Loonie

    Nintendo Patents Handheld Emulation Software

    Nintendo patents handheld emulation software Nintendo has successfully patented the emulation in software of handheld gaming devices, and the company has already begun challenging emulator developers to cough up royalties. Nintendo's patent, number 6,672,963, was filed in November 2000 but...