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    Props to Zardos Jones for the Genemu!

    This emulator is awsome, and I think more than anyone expected. Although its not at a complete stage there are still a ton of games that run well that we have't been able to expirience on our GPs before. This emulator looks promising and I think I speak for everyone when I say we cant wait for a...
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    Overclock or dont overclock??

    Ok, a lot of people have talked about overclocking latley and i tried it with the gpengine up to 166 mhz, but what damage can it cause to you gp32, and is even going to 156 unsafe? I mean has anyone actually damaged there gp32?
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    Little john question??

    Ok, i've been playing some nes games on the little john, the irst time i put 3 roms on it, then latter i put some more. But everytime i go to the rom selection screen, if i want to see more then those first three roms i have to press select and then browse cache (or something like that) and then...
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    A good port would be shadow warrior!

    I doubt that many of you are familar with the game, its along the lines of doom, and duke nukem, but has a bunch of cool weapons and like a ninja theme, it would be awsome to port, it wasnt a popular game, but it was great!
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    Battery Utility???

    Is there any sort of utility that can monitor your battery levels and tell you how much power you have left. And if not can someone plaease!!! make one??? I dont really know, but i bet it woulnt be too hard to make, they make them for PDA's all the time, and im sure everyone would use it!!!
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    Ok, i got it all fired up, dowloaded all the crap, now what would you recomend as the best free software to put on it? I got little john already, but what are the best free games out there?
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    I found the new SNES emulator!!! Its there, but its an .rar file, what that??? I dont have my gamepark yet! Ok, and no one else found this already??? Or is this the old version??"
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    What do you think the best emulator is???

    Ok, so whats the best emulator in your opinion out of all of the different emulators. I am not familar with all these systems like the wounderswan, vectrex, or neo geo. So what would you say has the best emulator performance wise, and that has the best games available for it. For instance i...
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    Is there a new little john in progress?

    The little john NES emulator was chosen as the best overall snes emulator by the Gp32 ezine. And on the website is says that the author is crrently working on a project but it does not say what about or when its gonna be done. According to the review the emulator is near perfect but could just...
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    Doom wad files??

    Ok, i didnt get my Gp yet but i was looking forward to playing the new doom port, now i hear someone saying something about wad files from the original game. Do you need anything else except the dowload or do you need anything else. Fortunatley i still have my doom 95 cd somewhere, but i dont...
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    Website request

    It would be really awsome if someone could make a website that reviewed and rated all the noncommercial software on a 5 star system. This way people can get a sense of what the software is like and navigate through categories to find the type of software they are looking for. And of course there...
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    Different types??

    Are there three types of GP32? I hear people refferering to them as the normal the frontlit and the FLU . are theseall different?
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    GP IRC Channels??

    Ok, i read somehwere that there were some GP23 rooms on IRC, anyone know what they are?
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    Accessories for the GP?

    Are there any accesories like a light (I'm to cheap to ge the FLU)??
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    Try before you buy??

    On the main page there is a link that says try before you buy, what is it for since it doesnt seem to be working?
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    New snes emulator

    Ok i know its not out yet, i actually dont even have a gamepark yet, i was just woundering if anyone knew if it had game state saves?
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    Ok, i just ordered my first game park, so i was checking out a gamepark faq. And it said that you need to register it the normail way, or download so weird program so that you can use non commercial software. WHy do you have to register, and why would you not and use the other program? Basically...
  18. N, any good?

    Its much easier and cheaper for me to buy my game park from theis store, since i live in the US and only 2 states over. Someone told me that they look a little shady, but has anyonee actually bought product from them? I noticed when i searched for gamepark this site did come up, so...
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    Where to buy!!!!!!

    Ok, i know i just asked you this a couple of times, but i just got the money to buy it. I'm thinking play asia or They are both $150, and im in the US if it makes any differenece. I cant really get the backlight becaue i dont have the money, will i be really disapointed? But most...
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    A few more questions!

    Ok, i read somewhere that the GP is ok without the front light! But yet it is now coming out with it. - Is this an official release or is it a mod? - Would you reccomend it, or will i be fine with the normal version? - 100 bucks more for a light! (and is that the only revision)? I could buy 2...