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    8bit Graphics Editor

    Hey, Long time no nothing. Anyway, I'm gonna have computer access soon, and was redownloading everything I need for Fenix, but I can't for the life of me remember what the program I was using to make graphics. Anyone got any recommendations for 8bit graphics editors, free ones that is? LA...
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    Howdy, Yesterday I tried to add a brightness setting to my game, strangely enough, the background stopped working as well as maybe a couple of other things. The first obvious thing to do when new code breaks something is to take it out, which I did, the background still didn't work. Since then...
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    "straight To Hell"

    Heyo, I wasn't going to release any more betas before the competition, but since there's still a lot of crafting to be done before the game's finished, I wanted input from people on what they think would make the game better and if anything needs changing. This is a gameplay test, not a level...
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    Snes Problems.

    Heyo, I was quite pleased when I read a BLU+ compatible version of the latest SNES emulator was released, however, it jams, no matter what game I try to load, some of which work with version 0.1 I have a BLU+ and I've tried 133mhz as well as some overclocked values. Every single time I try to...
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    Rounding Numbers?

    Quick question, how can I round numbers in Fenix? (eg, turn 3.02 into 3)
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    Identify Yourself!

    Heyo, Ok, if you want a process to reference the process that created it, you use "father", now what if I want to get the ID of the current process? Please post if you have any idea of how to get the ID of a process from within itself. ThanX in advance. BYEEEEE!!
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    Beta 4 Of My Non-shooting Game!

    Heyo, I finally figured out the cod damned problem in my code, it was all cuz of SWITCH not accepting strings on GP32 but it working fine on PC. Anyway, the combo system is in, the enemies can be slashed and the bullets can be reflected. This is a Fenix game, you will need the Fenix runtime...
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    Serious Trouble

    Heyo, This is a plead of sorts, I've coded the combo system into my game and it works really well in Flamebird, but it crashes my GP32 whenever I try to slash. I don't know why this could be, the FPG should already be loaded, and I've been through the code loads of times and I'm sure there...
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    Too Much!?

    Ok, So I'm trying to complete the game that is being demoed in the beta section, but when I try to load my main FPG, the GP32 resets. Uncompressed the FPG is about 300kilobytes, I know it's a lot, but 8MB of RAM shouldn't be killed by this, surely? I even tried reducing the graphics size, so...
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    Melee "shooting" Game

    Heyo, Here's the alpha version of the shooting game I'm making, where you don't shoot, your ship uses swords. This is only a basic play engine, there's nothing fancy, move with the dpad/stick A & B are the left and right sword buttons, slash bullets to reflect them. Tell me what you think...
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    Hardness Maps

    Does anyone know of any good resources regarding hardness maps? I really need to use them for my game that I keep going on about :D LA! I've missed so much in the Fenix forum while I've been away, it's nice to see some new faces (avatars).
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    Palette Troubles

    Hey, So far I've been using 16bit graphics since I don't have to think about anything, just make graphics, import into .fpg, make game. Now I want to use 8bit graphics and I'm getting stuck no matter what I try. Basically, I need to know how to go about making and or/editing palette files and...
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    God Damned Angles!

    Howdy, I'm having trouble getting things to move in directions other than the four main ones. I know that you need to use "angle" and "advance". The problem with that is that because the resolution is quite low, it calculates things wrong when it's rounding for the low resolution. This just...
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    What Are Your Favourite "gimmicks"

    Heyo, This isn't directly related to GP32, but I'm gonna make a shooting game and I was looking for some ideas. I've already got quite a few, but you can never have too many :D Anyway, in the genre of scrolling shooter (eg, DoDonPachi, Gigawing, noiz2sa, Mercs, etc) what are your favourite...
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    Which Companies Do You Wish Made Gp32 Games?

    Heyo, I was just wondering which companies everyone would like to see making games for GP32. Personally, I'd love games from any of the following: SNK Taito Konami Sega Capcom Tecmo I know none of these developers would be willing to make games for the GP32 (Capcom, I'm looking at you), but...
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    GP32 Simple Gp32 Fenix Game...

    Heyo, I made this test game thingy and I've included the source and commented it, hopefully well enough for everyone to understand. It's a top down shooting game by the way. I hope you like it :) BYEEEEE!! PS: Does anyone know how to fix the little artifacts that appear on the...
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    Palette Files?

    Heyo, I've got lots of experience with Photoshop, and I wondered if it was possible to create and use palette files for use with Fenix in Photoshop? I mean like generate palettes in Photoshop to be used with sprites, etc in Fenix. Also, where do I get the default palettes that keep getting...
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    My Crap Fenix "games"

    Heyo, I made these things in Fenix just to play around with it, I've entered them into the crap games competition but I uploaded them to my webspace so you can all... umm... enjoy them. (Click the images to download the games) SNK vs Mr. T! Megarun :P BYEEEEE!! PS: The Fenix runtime...
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    Animation And Limitations?

    Heyo, I've been reading up and practising with Fenix, but I was wondering a few things. How should I go about character animation? I was thinking of programming the animation myself with an array for each action with a frame defined in each variable in the array and then using states (eg...
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    GP32 Gp32 Buttons

    Heyo, I'm just getting started with div and fenix tutorials, but it would be nice to make some things and control them on my GP32, but I don't know how to reference the GP32's buttons. If anyone has the answer or a link, it would be most appreciated. ThanX, BYEEEEE!!