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    Computer crash.

    So my PC decided to die, damn damn damn! So now I´m stuck with and old iMac (nothing bad about mac, but this one is old) The mac tools are only for OS X, or are there OS9 versions. Otherwise my smc will be stuck in the current (not that bad) state for a couple of weeks. I hate this!
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    I take the risk of sounding stupid... What the heck is a Tone Dailer?
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    VLC This is a very efficient movieplayer, consumes very little cpu power. Supposed to be "Highly portable" according to site.
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    Am I just stupid?

    Automation Disc 133 Containing Xenon 2 and two other games. I cannot get Xenon to work, the game starts, then it says hit space to play, I do and nothing happens it then starts looping the credits and the highscore, pressing space does nothing. Anyone experiencing the same?
  5. K Handheld gaming device, PalmOS.
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    Best Atari ST games

    I tried playing Civilization (one of my all time favourite games) but it felt akward since you have to constantly switch modes and the lack of a keyboard is crippling. Since I´ve never used a real Atari ST I wonder what games to play. Which are your favourites, and do they play well with CaSTaway?
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    V-Dub problems

    So I thought I should try and encode some movies using Virtual Dub, I installed the Divx 4.12 codec but it won´t show up in the compression menu. Without it things will not work, correct? ANyone else had this problem?
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    English and Korean GP32´s

    If I remember correctly there are GP32´s with english bios/firmware and there are GP32´s with korean bios/firmware. Is that correct? There is an online shop in sweden that carries GP32´s but they don´t know if theirs are english or korean. I think they are english, we should they not... It´s...
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    snes sound emulation

    How good is the snes sound code? Is it good enough to create a snes music-player, because that would be cool.
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    Hi, I´ve been here for a while, lurking around. I´m planning to get a GP32 when I have enough money. Probably after summer. Anyone played the marathon games? There are 3 of them, only marathon 2 has a pc version. Marathon 1 och Infinity was macintosh only. Made by Bungie. If I recall correctly...