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    Beta Mupen64Plus

    @Ari64 the main developer of Mupen64Plus has a message for you
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    like we say in iceland Britain and the Netherlands were the targets the other countries were just extra :lol: :P and if you thing this is bad wait for katla to erupt muhah ha ha :P ;) edit webcam of the Volcano
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    on the desktop version of mupen64plus Banjo Tooie work somewhat well as long as you don´t go into sertan areas then it will crash rare was famous for put copy protection into games it will be some time before you will see perfect emulation of rare games...
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    there is a new version of Mupen64Plus out it is the first beta (christened 1.99.1) of the forthcoming and long-awaited Mupen64Plus 2.0. overall this version is more portable than the previous version # Modular architecture: instead of monolithic...
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    Pandora Pandora Netbeans

    if you are looking for a ide i be porting MonoDevelop to the pandora sometime next year when i will get a pandora it has some support for java by a Add-ins
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    Atari Jaguar Emu
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    Hulu/joost/vod Sites

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    Hulu/joost/vod Sites

    Shoutcast Radio no problemo B)
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    3do Emulator
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    Getting Started With Opengl

    the pandora supports opengl es 1.1 :rolleyes: and opengl es 2
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    Pandora Needs To Go X86 (eventually)

    QUOTE The N810's browser has a Flash 9 plugin
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    3d Demos

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    Closed Source Ports

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    Pandora Easiest Way For A / Blitzmax Dev To Get Into Pandora?

    well for c# mono will be available on the pandora so you can use it
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    G3d Port To Openpandora...

    mass production B)
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    3d Viewer And Teddy

    SmoothTeddy (SmoothTeddy is a successor to Teddy and Chameleon)
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    Will the Pandora be marketed commercialy?

    you may see it at store's like microcenter
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    Hello You All Brites

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    Hello You All Brites

    well that was the problem Gordon brow making announced that all Icelandic assets had been freeze then sending a letter to Icelandic government 3 day's later saying that it only freeze the assets of Landsbanki :rolleyes: that led to the downfall of kaupthing as people started to bevel that...
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    Hello You All Brites

    i understand that QUOTE And as for your thought that life will continue as normal in Iceland... dream on. It will end in an IMF bail out, austerity measures and a very drastic change in quality of life I'm afraid. for the most part quality of life in iceland will not chance exports are...