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    GP2X Relocation Error: Symbol __floatsidf ?

    Any idea how to avoid this message when you use floating point and link with -dynamic? relocation error: ./test.gpe: symbol __floatsidf
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    GP2X Methods Of Dev

    Hey guys! When you develop, do you compile and use an emulator and then transfer using a card reader (someone suggested using a card reader is the best way to transfer stuff)? Or do you have the USB cable plugged in? I just get USB Device error at the moment, but I'm wondering what everyone...
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    Found it in the end! *waves* Hello secret forum buddies B)
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    Quick question: are the GP32 BLUs on the new type (with the different screen model) i.e. BLU+ or the old type (just plain BLU)?
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    GP32 Gp_initframebufferbp

    Should we just use gp_initFramebufferBP all the time now in order to support BLU+? Or will gp_initFramebufferBP corrupt the display of previous GP32s?
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    GP32 Having Trouble With Mr. Mirko's Sdk (sorry!)

    I'm having some trouble getting Mr. Mirko's SDK up and running - I tried following the various readmes, but to no avail, I still get a "cannot find "gp32.h"" when I compile. Can I just check a few things... Do you have one directory with the SDK in it? Called D:\gp32_MrMirko for example ...
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    GP32 Doh I Am A Plank!

    Just noticed that big sticky up there at the top of this forum, Mr Mirko's SDK replacement... just reading through it - funny how you can come to a site hundreds of times and yet not see something like that! I take it it's really good. Does it have stuff like LFN support?
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    GP32 Dma Bug Is Back

    Have to say it's really annoying me this time! Any more information on it? Do you put asm("nop")s in? Thing is I've put them absolutely everywhere, and yet for certain type of execution (e.g. rendering Megadrive screen when display is disable = full horizontal line of colour) the sond just...
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    GP32 The Gp32 Dma Sound Bug

    Just to let you know I finally had a bit of progress last night with the GigaDrive sound glitches. It seemed to be down to two things: 1) The sound loop was 4*735 samples long, I increased it to 6*735 which gives 100ms latency. But this seemed to help 2) The sound rendering loop (ironically)...
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    Ha, Counter - What A Lamer!

    Still serves you right for believing him, someone writing an emulator should at least know how to spell "emulator"! :) Did he come to the meet-up in Bath in the end? What did he have to show for it?
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    GP32 Vhat Da Heell? (sound)

    Gamepark docs: PCM_S11 Stereo 11,160Hz PCM_S22 Stereo 22,321Hz PCM_S44 39,062Hz Eh?? So S44 actually plays sound at 39062hz on the GP32? Why on earth...? I'm confused now. Has anyone done anything with sound, I don't know what da hell is going on ere...
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    Games Which Write Sound Using 68000

    There's a massive list of games which write sound from the main cpu now... this is quite shocking because I always assumed the Z80 wrote pretty much all the sound. Mad! Abram's Battle Tank Afterburner II Alien Soldier Arch Rivals Art Alive Back to the Future III Bart vs the...
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    GP32 Long Filenames

    Good news, I managed to get some long filenames onto my SMC! I used GPDrive. And just like in DOS they appear as AFTERBU~1.SMD, so can you tell me, for long filenames how can I read out the full filename on the GP32 to display in the rom list? Presumably this is a FAT extension thing
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    Gigadrive 0.023

    Hi folks, You asked for this, so here you go, it's some very prelim sound beeps, it sounds HORRIBLE! But, possibly better than silence... well maybe Okay okay, it's not totally hideous - it sounds like a SMS. Without envelopes - that's a fairly accurate descirption I...
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    GP32 Sound Loop With Gppcmplay

    Hi folks, I'm writing some sound code and I have this so far: static int SoundLen=0; static unsigned short *SoundWave=NULL; int SoundInit() { SoundLen=735*4; // In samples // Allocate circular buffer: SoundWave=(unsigned short *)malloc(SoundLen<<2); if (SoundWave==NULL) return 1...
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    Better Ways To Upload Files To Smc?

    Hi folks, After my SMC died and I reformetted, I've reuploaded my roms, but I was wondering is there a way to get around the 8.3 filename limitation? And also is there anyway to speed up the transfer? I'm using Gamepark's PC-Link, which I think is pretty rubbish - it doesn't multitask very...
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    Md Info For Ryleh

    Just found a few more games (more than I expected!) which do not need the Z80 in order to spit out some sound commands (though that's typically because they use it for sampled sound). Here's a list: Afterburner II Gunstar Heroes Moonwalker Phantasy Star 4 Revenge of Shinobi Sonic 1 Street...
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    Card Erased

    My card seems to have been completely erased - there is one file date 1980 called GPMM on it, an it's 0 bytes long. That's it there is no other data on it. I tried recovery and it didn't do anything it says zero errors. Is all my data gone? Should I reformat the card and reupload everything :(
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    GP32 Gigadrive Hang

    Okay think I may have figured out this GigaDrive hang.... It's got something weird to do with when the emu it running fast, like not much to draw on the screen. Shows up a lot in Ghouls 'N' Ghosts at the start of level 1. So I *think* it's to do with when the time gone is less than one frame...
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