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  1. Orion4874

    Port Requests

    I stumbled across this game while browsing the Llamasoft site. It's a game that was originally for the unreleased Konix Multisystem called Attack of the Mutant Camels 89. The source code was released by Jeff Minter whom I assume is the original author. . Source code is...
  2. Orion4874

    Release Diablo

    Awsome work notaz, your contributions never cease to amaze us! Also, I apologize if this was answered but is the Hellfire expansion compatible with this static recompile? And just for curiosity's sake and sticking with Blizzard games, if this were done with Warcraft 3 would it be a slideshow...
  3. Orion4874 gone?

    Damn, and I just posted asking anyone with experience in unbricking F200's for advice.... perfect timing!
  4. Orion4874

    free PC games (steam)

    Hey Dredd, could I possibly get Luna, Motte Island and Deadly 30 if there still available?
  5. Orion4874

    Waiting For My Gp32

    I still stop by once in a blue moon. I'm still on the lookout for these units when they come up on Ebay and such. I just recently picked up a FLU and a bricked F200. The only one I'm missing for a complete collection is a BLU+ (and ED's green GP32 of course...) but I've never seen one for sale...
  6. Orion4874

    Anyone Want A Cradle? Free, Just Pay For Shipping.

    If you come across it and if hamie isn't interested I'll take it off your hands. I'm trying to get a cradle for each one of my 2X's.
  7. Orion4874

    Port Requests

    I know we have the Tor Router app on the repo but can the full Tor browser be ported? Source as well as other binaries are here,
  8. Orion4874

    Release Hero of Allacrost

    I'm encountering some bugs as well. A few minutes after entering the caves the characters will repeat what was said when they first enter the caves and the controls become unresponsive. I can still pause but that's about it so I have to kill it and restart. Also, it crashes to desktop when...
  9. Orion4874

    An Interesting Idea for a Compact PC

    It's called the Mouse-Box, a full PC housed inside the body of a mouse. I'm wondering what the price point will be if they manage to bring it to market, $50-75USD maybe? I'd pick one up as long as it's under $75 otherwise it's not worth it imo. Most likely it will run Linux or possibly...
  10. Orion4874

    hdmyboy on Kickstarter

    I just came across this and unfortunately it doesn't look like their going to make it unless they seriously get the word out. Hopefully they can still get their product to market somehow.
  11. Orion4874

    Next compo ideas

    I loved the Riot compo that was held a few years back. It encompassed all the open handhelds so more people could participate. If a new compo does happen we should include the Zero, Dingoo and GP2X handhelds as well as the Pandora. It's a good way of unifying the open source scene and like I...
  12. Orion4874

    Port Requests

    i would guess the first one since it has already been built to run on Linux. Not sure if that would even make a difference though. 
  13. Orion4874

    Port Requests

    This game is called "Pixel Dungeon" and was brought up as a port candidate for the Zero but the devs don't think it will be playable due to Java. I'm thinking it would run well on the Pandora though. It's open source and was written for Android but there are also builds for Windows, Linux etc...
  14. Orion4874

    Nintendo 3DS

    Yeah, you do need the game every time you load the Homebrew Channel, at least for now. We'll have to see if a future update will change that but for now the two options are buying the retail game or using a flash cart. Unfortunately, since the title of the game was released the price has...
  15. Orion4874

    free PC games (steam)

    I have 3 more Insurgency keys if you guys want them. What I'll do is PM you the link if you're interested. That way we'll be sure they're going to actual community members.
  16. Orion4874

    Hase For Wiz

    The game launches but with heavy graphical glitches. It also crashes back to the menu after setting up a local game.
  17. Orion4874

    Port Requests

    Hey ptitseb, this isn't a request really but I was wondering about your thoughts on Fez for the Pandora since you released Hammerwatch. Also, were you looking into OpenRA?  A better version of that for the Pandora would be excellent.
  18. Orion4874

    Hase For Caanoo

    Always great to see any releases for the GPH devices. Thanks for still supporting them Ziz!   I see nobody left any feedback for the Wiz version. I'll install it tomorrow and let you know how it runs.   Off topic, could the new version of Snowman Reloaded be compiled as well?
  19. Orion4874


    I just picked one of these up through since they are selling them for $20 until Sept 31st. I haven't tried much with it yet but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this device. I remember there being a lot of hype around it when it was on Kickstarter but I didn't back it...
  20. Orion4874

    Coming Back After A Long Break

    These are probably the best places for the Shield. There are other android sites that have Shield sections in their forums but these are the most popular.