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    Opengl Es And Sdl Together?

    Is it possible to link / run both OpenGL ES and SDL together ( at the same time ) on Pandora like it can be done on PC with OpenGL and SDL? Any devs with boards try this yet?
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    Opengl 2.0 Or Opengl Es 2.0

    Does anyone know if the pandora will be OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL ES 2.0 I would like to know so I can start porting over my Direct3d programs to the correct format. Thanks.
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    GP2X F-200 Controll Pad Name

    Could anyone tell me what the new controll pad's name is the F-100 model returns the name Pep Joy does the new model have a different name if anyone knows please let me know I need the info for some hard coding of the joysticks in my upcoming game. Thanks.
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    How To Delete A File?

    What is the easiest way to delete a file from a directory in linux( Gp2x )? In C or C++.
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    GP2X View Gp2x Telnet And Mnt Harddrive Help?

    Ok, so here is what I have so far I can connect my gp2x to my computer with the usb cable using telnet with no problem I go into my gp2x and view all of its files in a window on my pc ( running windows xp ) which is great. I can swap files back and forth to the sd or nand. This is what I need...
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    Sdl_joystickclose Does Not Work With Usb In Official Sdk

    Can anyone else confirm this with the officail sdk for the gp2x. It works perfect in windows but on the Gp2x it only release the first joystick PEP Joy. Can anyone test this out if you have BOB or Cradle? I can open all of the usb controllers that are attached and get them all to work fine...
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    Gpu940 Help Please!

    Has anyone got Gpu940 to work with windows xp if so could someone please tell me what they used to complie the samples with? Is it possible to use the official sdk (dev cpp ) is it possible to use this? I can't seem to get anything to complie at all can some one tell me what I need to get this...
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    Cps2emu Test Version 8

    Does this lockup for anyone else when exiting the game?
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    GP2X Audio Streaming?

    Is there any way to stream audio files without having to load them completely into memory with SDL? Or do I have to code my own funtion to do this?
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    Help Loading 8bit .act Palette Files?

    Does anyone know how to load in an 8bit 256 color .act file ( adobe color table ) Palette file so I can use them to change the Palettes on my graphic files with SDL_SetPalette() any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Streetfighter 3 On Gp2x

    I have been a fan of mugen so I decided to make my own mugen type game from scratch just for the GP2X it's called SFM-GP2X here is an early screen shot. I am going to try and early release by December ( Christmas Present ) and a Windows creation kit early 2007 so everyone can make there own...
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    Does Anyone Know How To Apply And Icon To A .gpe?

    Does anyone know what function you call to add an icon to a .gpe file using sdl and c/c++ any help would be great. This way you would see this icon insead of the default one on the gp2x.
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    GP2X Sd Card Serial Number How To Read?

    Does anyone know how to read the serial number off of a SD Card?
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    How To Use The Mmu Hack.

    After you have access to the upper 32mb of memory how do you make use of it? Is it compatible with the official SDK and if so how do I go about using it? I can gain access to the upper 32mb fine but do not know how to use the memory for my benefit any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Salvaria Video Update

    Has anyone else had trouble posting my post seems to get corrupted when I post something any way if this one works I posted a new update video of my progress. :) There is an option menu now that lets the user controll the speed of the characters animaitons and speed the settings are...
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    Salvaria Battle Demo Video

    Here is a quick video of an early beta of the battle demo. This show basically how the battle system works hope you enjoy it post your comments let me know. :P
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    GP2X Can Smpeg Play Mpeg 1 Files?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the official SDK can use SMPEG to play mpeg 1 movie files. Thanks.
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    Acceptable Load Times On An Rpg?

    I would like to know what people think would be an Acceptable load time for an RPG game? What I mean for this is when you are walking around in a world and then you are attacked the time it takes for the characters and enemys to load into the battle screen. I have managed to get the load time...
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    GP2X Official Sdk Does It Have Underclocking?

    I thought that I read somewhere that the officail sdk has and option to add underclocking to you programs does anyone know if it is true and if so what are the header files? Thanks.
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    Mytho's Rpg Now Salvaria

    A few people emailed me and asked about my progress. Well heres a preview. So what do you think so far? Wish me luck on getting my game finished before the GP2X contest ends. :huh: