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  1. Horscht

    Gba Fried

    Heyhey yesterday i seem to have fried my Gameboy Advance (old version, without light). I must have accidentaly powered it with a center negative AC-Adaptor, now it wont work even with batteries. I opened the GBA, but couldn't find any defective parts. Does someone know where on the board the...
  2. Horscht

    Slow Sd

    Hi yesterday I went to my local electronics store and I saw a rather cheap 1Gb SD for only 19,99€. So I decided to buy it. It's made by ECOM and it's labeled 133x, so I assume it should be a 133x card (speedwise). When I tied to copy over a movie (275Mb) onto it, I noticed that it was slightly...
  3. Horscht


    Hi I just recently took a look back into GBA emulation (emulators ON the GBA). I got reminded of such great efforts as "PCEAdvance" and "SNESAdvance" (FluBBa's Homepage). Suprisingly, those two consoles were emulated very well on the tiny littel 16MHz beast that is the GBA. I remembered those...
  4. Horscht

    Samba Client Problem

    Hi I downloaded the Samba client utility from the GP2X filearchive, connected to the GP2X via Samba and installed the files. I am using Windows XP SP2, Firewall disabled. My laptop has 2 Nics plus the additional RNDIS one. That makes 3 NICs. NIC1: IP: <--- connected to the...
  5. Horscht

    Playboy Tie

    Hi I am looking for a black Playboy tie with a white bunny printed on it. I already searched my local (german) ebay, but to no avail. If someone knows a shop where I coul buy a small quantity (5-10) that ships worldwide (with not too high shipping costs), that would be awesome. If no such...
  6. Horscht

    Mouse Problem

    Hi I am running Windows XP on my Laptop, and have recently bought an USB optical wheel mouse from HAMA. But whenever I reboot my computer, the number of lines it skips resets to 1, allthough I have set it to 5. Has someone else experienced something like this? Is there some way to fix it...
  7. Horscht

    Battery Testing Prog

    Hi Yesterday I had a nice idea that would allow comparing different rechargables with each other. Basicaly it's a program, that starts a timer when executed and writes a log file every minute (to the SD if you wish, or 5 minutes, whatever), to see how long certain batteries last. This would...
  8. Horscht

    Es war wieder einer dieser Tage....

    Es war wie jeden tag. Kalt, dunkel. Ich sas an meinem Schreibtisch, und warf wie immer gelangweilt Dartpfeile and die wand oder mit Paperküglechen an die Decke. Was man eben so macht, wenn kein Klient auftaucht. Ich hatte schon sein Monaten keinen Auftrag mehr bekommen, und trotzdem sas ich...
  9. Horscht

    Mirc Scripting

    Hi I downloaded this script, which echoes whatever is played in my Xbox Media Center (script will be attached at the end). Currently I have to name a channel where it should echo to, and whenever I type /gog, it'll echo what is playing in the defined channel. What do I have to change to not...
  10. Horscht

    Mirc Help

    Hi I am using mIRC 6.16 and would like to have it to connect to 2 servers when I start it. I could only get it to automaticaly connect it to one serve, but I need both. and another thing. I have set up 3 channels (1 on server 1 and 2 on server 2) that get automatocaly join when i connect to...
  11. Horscht

    What A Godawfull Building seriously, who thought of this building? It looks like some public building to me and it's located somewhere in NY. But seriously, who built this?
  12. Horscht

    Fenix Games With Yafl 0.3

    Hi Today I wanted to update my "permanent SMC" with a few programs (new emus, replace games etc). However, a few games wouldn't work. These games are all the fenix games I tried to pu on. It complains about a runtime error. the runtime reports this on boot up: Fenix DCB path: \GPMM\Fission :)...
  13. Horscht

    Getting Into Newsgroups

    Hi I would like to get into newsgroups, but I already struggle in finding a good, free newsreader for windows XP. Any suggestions? thanks in advance Horscht EDIT: and where can I find newsgroup servers?
  14. Horscht

    Playing Ogm Files

    Hi I would like to know which windows player plays .ogm files natively. Obviously Winamp5, PowerDVD and WMP10 can't open them natively, but require the Ogg Vorbis Direct Show filters, which just crash my explorer whenever I double click an .ogm (tried and Therefore I am...
  15. Horscht

    Using L.a.m.e. In Vdub

    Hi i want to compress myself a video using DivX and LAME MP3 as audio compression, as the MP3 encoder built into vdub only offers a very limited slection of bitrates (56 is the max.). My question is now: where do I have to put the lame_enc.dll so vdub uses it? I tried the home directory of...
  16. Horscht

    Testing High Clockspeeds

    Hi Emu&Co recently posted Hex values for clockspeeds higher than 200 MHz and also made some overclocked versions of os9xgp 0.2 and 0.3. I fixed them, but I still get weird behaviour for the new clockspeeds. We now need testers, whose GP32's can do the following speeds with ease: 216 224 236...
  17. Horscht

    Gpx2 Has Tv-out?

    Linky This FAQ thread on the GPX2 forums says the GPX2 will have TV-out. But what do they mean with the accessories?
  18. Horscht

    Email Notification Not Working

    Hi For some reason I don't get an email-notification when I receive a PM, allthough the option is checked, and my email adress is right. does this option work for anyone around here?
  19. Horscht

    Certain Skype Version

    Hi I would like to know, if any of you guys has skype. I am looking for a certain version of the installer, that allows you to add a person into a call to make it a conference. If any of you has this version, or knows where to get it, tell me. thanks in advance Horscht EDIT: I know there is...
  20. Horscht

    Youth Risking His Step Dad's Job

    I just read this news (well, actually a few hours ago): seriously, what was this guy thinking? It's not a good idea to post something like this when your sted dad is bound to a NDA. And it's even worse to post close up pics of the...