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  1. taras

    Snapping Headphone Jacks

    Just to report the headphone socket in my (3 year old, black) GP2X came clean off the PCB and started rattling around inside the unit. I unscrewed the back a little and it dropped out. I've never used headphones with it so it made me sad ;__;
  2. taras

    Stuck On Gnuboy

    Gnuboy was working fine for me then one day it STOPPED. I have tried reinstalling it, replacing all the roms, moving the rom folder to both possible locations, etc etc. but all I get is the flickering intro screen (Press <Start>) and then a blank rom list. Then when I press anything, it quits...
  3. taras

    Broken Sword 1/2 (uk..)

    Just got the budget Broken Sword 1 & 2 DVD from Game, and when you install the games, it installs ScummVM and some tidy setups - audio converted to ogg etc. Wasn't expecting that! I haven't tried them on GP2X yet (I'm planning to use it on my Palm) but it seems a good thing, should be nice and...
  4. taras

    More Icons For Gmenu2x Commodore, A7800, Quake, Game Boy, LGPT, Atari ST, 1945, Duke 3D, Enigma and Kobo (last 4 at request from vimacs) OK, they're not great, but better than generic.png :) (PS. I couldn't upload them to the archive, it kept on about needing a licence -...
  5. taras


    WanX. Does it really? :rolleyes: (sorry, UK in-joke. Was the name deliberate?)
  6. taras

    GP2X Writing A Beat2x 'encoder'

    I'm writing a reasonably simple Beat2X encoding type program for Windows. What it does is plays the audio file and then you tap the rhythm you want for each button as it plays: At the moment that's ALL it does. I need advice on what method of inputting beats people would be most comfortable...
  7. taras

    Cheap 1gig Sd Heads Up (uk) are doing quality Kingston cards for £30 inc VAT at the moment. (no, I don't work for them!)
  8. taras

    Backgrounds For Gnuboy,0,0,0,23,1327 did some backgrounds for gnuboy, you get classic Game Boy, old-style GBA, GB Micro, N-Gage and GP2X. THEYE ARE THE BEST Also, what's with Bubble Train being 30MB? Can someone explain why it needs to be that big, and whether downloading...
  9. taras

    Great New Use For 2x

    I know loads of people are working on stuff like networking, using GP2X as a gamepad, TV Out, constructing breakout boxes, etc. NEWAY here is my idea: How about using it as a mobile gaming device? You could put games on the SD card and then play them when you're travelling, on holiday etc...
  10. taras

    GP2X Qb2x

    Finally a coding solution I can handle... clicky -_-
  11. taras

    Banned From Using Progs??

    Just had a thought (not looking for code or anything) - since each 2X has its own serial number, and you can presumably retrieve it through code, it could be used to "ban" specific people from using your game/utility, if you knew their serial no... :angry: :D
  12. taras

    "a Popular Os" Style Skin

    Ladies and gents... may I present my new skin: "Winner!"* Based on several incarnations of a popular operating system, I think it's a worthy replacement for the default theme, but I'll let you be the judges of that... :D Download here...
  13. taras

    Win 3.1 Skin

    Taras's Incredible Win 3.1 Skin Mmmm.... get some of that old-skool Windows on your GP2X!! Hark back to a happier time and get all these FANTASTIC features - free!: - Looks exciting, is exciting - Lets you pretend your GP2X is running Windows - Confuse your enemies - impress your friends! -...
  14. taras

    GP2X Makefile Using Minimal.c

    This is probably really simple. I want to compile something using SDL *and* Rlyeh's Minimal lib. Where do I stick the minimal.c in the SDL makefile? I'm using the makefile from GuyFawkes's demo (plus -lSDL_gfx for SDL_gfx): CROSS_COMPILE = C:/devkitGP2X/bin/arm-linux- SDL_BASE =...
  15. taras

    Quake Issue

    OK, I've tried everything with this (Quake on the 2X) and it's not working. I've put the files here: /mnt/sd/qlaunch.gpe /mnt/sd/quake/quake.gpe /mnt/sd/quake/CONFIG.CFG (from the original game) /mnt/sd/quake/id1/PAK0.PAK /mnt/sd/quake/id1/PAK1.PAK It gets as far as the loading screen then...
  16. taras

    Good Cheap Cases (uk)

    They might be gone by the time you read this but in the "Clearance" section has some Case Logic camera cases, I don't have a GP32 to hand but the inside measures about 15cm x 9cm x 4cm so it should accommodate a GP32 quite nicely (measure your GP32 first!) Anyway they're...
  17. taras

    Gbc Flash Bridge

    Will it work if I get a GB Bridge and a GBA flash cart and stick it in a GBC?
  18. taras

    Ignore The Trolls, People

    Seriously, it's getting so annoying reading 101 posts that are all exactly the same about DS/whatever. Maybe we need more mods to sort this out or something. Maybe it could refuse to post new posts with "PSP" or "DS" in the topic and just merged them with old topics but i dunno cos you might...
  19. taras

    The Guy That Sells Gp32 Dvds On Ebay

    Some guy selling GP32 DVDs on ebay. You probably all know already. I'd quite like to get him taken off ebay because I'd rather he didn't profit off people's hard work (at the moment one of the DVDs is going for £10 plus postage)... so if my game is on there I could complain and get him barred...
  20. taras

    Ds: Is This Plausible

    Right. The DS looks ace. Can someone tell me whether this would work, though (this would swing it for me): Would a GBA flash cart work on a DS, and would I be able to stick GB/GBC games on the cart and play them? And emulators that are written for the GBA (NES?) Cheers