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  1. kaprikawn

    Jai - A Programming Language for Games

    Just in case it's passed anyone by (it did me until recently), Jonathon Blow of Braid and The Witness fame is making a new programming language for games called Jai. It seems like he's been working on it for about five years, and it's a compiled language aimed at being better than C++ for...
  2. kaprikawn

    Pyra Learning OpenGL ES 2.0 for Pyra

    I've decided to learn OpenGL ES 2.0 for use on the Pyra. And as I started poking around I realised that there's not a lot of learning materials for the kind of stuff I want to do, and some of these things I'm learning might be useful to others. So I'm writing a blog documenting my journey...
  3. kaprikawn

    Available technologies and versions?

    I'm trying to learn game development at the minute and I'd like to target the Pyra, but my googlefu is somewhat letting me down in trying to pinpoint what technologies I'll have available to me. At the minute I'm just learning the basics with C++ and SDL2 and making good progress. My goal is...
  4. kaprikawn

    RMA timescales - how long does it take them to respond?

    I cracked the screen on my first batch pandora and raised an RMA early in January.  In the meantime, Craig sent that email saying they'd take my old Pandora back and replace it with a 1ghz unit for $349 so I replied to that email saying I'd take them up on the offer seeing as I had to send my...
  5. kaprikawn

    Linux 3.7 Now Supports ARM

    As somebody who doesn't know nearly enough about kernels, could someone explain, how does / could version 3.7 of the Linux kernel affect the Pandora? Specifically that it now has ARM support baked in...
  6. kaprikawn

    Setting maximum trash filesize

    Hi I'm just trying to ease my music library maintenance on my Pandora by administering my library on my server and using the grsync pnd to keep my Pandora up to date. I decided to delete my 'music' folder on my SD card then do a sync on the first go. But after kicking the sync off I noticed...
  7. kaprikawn

    Static IP Address

    How do I get a static IP address on the Pandora? Cheers
  8. kaprikawn

    Syncing Music to Pandora

    I've got my music on a server in a mixture of FLAC, mp3 and AAC format. And I've got my playlists set up in the root music folder in .m3u format with relative filepaths. Does anyone have any ideas how I can transfer (or preferably sync) this setup to my Pandora, transcoding FLAC > OGG, but...
  9. kaprikawn

    Extra cases for sale?

    According to Fatih's Twitter there's now more cases in the UK. Are we any closer to having cases for sale by themselves? I'd like a custom paint job but don't feel comfortable using my current case as I'm a modding noob.
  10. kaprikawn

    opkg upgrades

    I have my Pandora booting from the SD card and I've installed Firefox using an sudo opkg install firefox When I try to launch it though I get an error message saying that my version of sqlite is out of date. The error message reads: SQLite Version Error - The application has been updated...
  11. kaprikawn

    Mounting a specific flash drive to a specific point?

    IIs there a way of mounting a specific usb thumb drive to a specific loction when it's inserted? II've checked the net and the Ubuntu way is with udev, is there a Pandora equivalent?
  12. kaprikawn

    Good camera/webcam for making videos?

    A lot of the Youtube videos that showcase the Pandora (and a lot of tech in general) start off with the person apologising for their crappy camera and/or setup. I've never made a Youtube video, but I'm thinking maybe I would like to make a Pandora video or two and really don't want to start...
  13. kaprikawn

    Sd Card Questions

    Didn't know whether to necropost an old topic or start a new one, obviously plumped for the latter. I've checked the blog SD guide and my questions aren't answered so I was wondering whether you'd indulge me... I've got two different class 6 cards (here and here). My plan is to have the OS...
  14. kaprikawn

    Preparing For Pandora Emulation With Regards To File Formats

    Hi, having dabbled in emulation in the past I'm only really getting it sorted out on my desktop PC now. I have a couple of noob-esque questions on file formats, specifically with regards to PS and SNES emulation. Firstly with PS, I'm sorting out ripping my PS discs at the minute and playing...
  15. kaprikawn

    Ps3 Linux Vs Pandora

    I've got Linux (Yellow Dog 6) installed on my PS3 and it was slow as hell before I installed fluxbox, and it ain't exactly snappy now. I've also tried Ubuntu which is just the same. I'm aware the oft-given reason for the sluggish nature of Linux on the ol' George Foreman Grill is that it's...
  16. kaprikawn

    A Question of Legality...

    I've just got a couple of questions about the legality of some of the things I want to do with the Pandora. It's just out of interest really. Now I would love to play some American PS1 games that were never released over here, Chrono Cross being a prime example. To do this I assume I would...
  17. kaprikawn

    Accessing network share

    Hi, I've got a Linux PC at home that is basically just used as a file server using Samba. Given that I don't usually need mobile gaming and most of my Pandora use will be within wifi range would I be right in thinking that it'll be relatively easy to access my files using the Pandora? Mainly...