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    For Sale: Gp32 Blu + Others

    Hi, everyone. I used to be a very active member of the GP32x community during the times when the only available hardware was the GP32. I still have an original GP32 BLU gp32_console I'm willing to let go of. I'm unsure how much this thing is worth these days so I wanted to get your help. I...
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    Gp32 Blu And Bunch Of Other Stuff For Sale

    This is still up for grabs
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    Gp32 Blu And Bunch Of Other Stuff For Sale

    Hmm, since ebay sells them for $40 - $50 each I guess I'll sell them for $35 each or $65 for both
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    Gp32 Blu And Bunch Of Other Stuff For Sale

    Yow, I haven't been here for ages. I guess I'm one of the older members. The time that I thought would never come has finally come... I need serious cash to pay for rear ending someone so I must sell my precious gp32. sad.gif Sigh, so here are the things I have: GP32 BLU. It is literally in...
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    Blu Gp32 And Etc. For Sale

    Bah, I really need to sell this gp32 to get my new computer. The price for this setup is only $125 so if anyone interested please e-mail me at I hardly come here anymore :P
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    Blu Gp32 And Etc. For Sale

    The time that I thought would never come has finally come... I need serious cash to build a gaming pc, so I must sell my precious gp32. :( I haven't been around for several months so most of you will not know. This is the gp32 i received as a payment for translating Wannabe Wizard for...
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    Pimped Out Flu

    Need I say more...?
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    Official Psp Backgrounds Thread Hotlink since board don't allow bmp
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    Improve The Gp32 Joystick

    I thnik he means that if the joystick doesn't move as much, you can play better. It's pretty hard to explain, but I always thought the joystick moved too much (far)during play.
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    Asr Carry Case - What's Good About It?

    I have both cases and overall, I like the original case better. The asr case is cool in that it lets you play while it's in the case, but the plastic always gets in the way of your joystick. Plus, it downsn't provide the protection the original case would give (I dropped mine in the originial...
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    New Message From Gamepark

    Ooh, that wouldn't be so funny for me... Well, I proof-read it aobut 5 times os it should be fine.
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    New Message From Gamepark

    I'm sorry I have no idea what is going on right now. When I talked to A&B Soft a couple month ago, he said that it was delayed. I'm having doubts whether an English version will be released or not. That would be a shame since I worked so hard on it. I already translated the newest post which...
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    New Message From Gamepark

    Hiya, Lethe here. Lemme translate this for you guys. Ehh, so... Something like this: "Due to problems with the supply of materials, we are temporarily stopping the repairs of the screen protection panels (what are those? mebbe the gray borders). As soon as we solve this problem, we will...
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    Psp Logitech Playgear Pockert Skin Contest

    You don't necesarrily have to be good at photoshop. I've seen many people making this with paint (although they just don't look as good). If you can't edit a picture to look like a masterpiece, find a picture you like and pase it on the template. Heck, you don't even need to print your own...
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    Psp Logitech Playgear Pockert Skin Contest

    Well, I've been pretty imersed in the PSP scene and found out about about how you can make skins for the Logitech Playgear Pocket Case. Playgear Skins And to celebrate their opening of a psp section, opened a Skin contest. They're giving a lot of cool psp stuff...
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    Psp Owners -- Dead Pixels...

    They're not dead. Unless the pixels are completely black and stays like that all the time, you have "stuck pixels." I have 4 stuck pixels my self, 2 red and 2 green.
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    Any News From Wbw ?

    Sorry folks. I have no idea why this is taking such a long time. I'll try messaging a&b soft soon to see what's going on. Oh, and about generalnmx, i gave him two weeks to edit my file, then he finished like 20% of it and bailed (somehting about school and girlfriend). Had to have 3 of my...
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    Flu (resoldering Needed)

    Sorry, folks. I sold it to jr2swiss. He pmed me 10 minutes after i posted.
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    Flu (resoldering Needed)

    Yea, since i have a blu now i dont need my flu anymore so... btw when I did the joystick fix, i sort of pulled the light that goes on the front light, but if you know how to solder it, it's no prob. Eh, Does $55 sound alright?
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    Dead Pixels On Gp32

    My FLU = None My BLU+ = None I bought two psps and sold one "used" on ebay for $255. None of em has any dead pixels, but my friend bought one and it has a dead pixel (poor him). 3 of my other friends also bought psps but they didnt have any dead pixels.