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  1. kyxh2o

    Sound/Headset Problem

    Good Morning, I have a problem with the sound under all os. I only use Stereo-In-Ear-Headsets, because I can use them for all my devices. At the moment I have two of them, Sennheiser  and Dr.Dre, they both have a key to stop the music and answer an incoming call. When I use one of them with...
  2. kyxh2o

    Nub and PND-Question

    Hi, i am a new pandora user and, what should i say, i love this device. I use it with the Pandora-OS, together with the PanDebian, i have all tools i need for my work as a admin.  i have only a few questions. -My nubs aren' t working anymore under Pandora-OS as Mouse and also not working in...