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  1. Nilsiboy

    [FS] First Batch Pandora (Classic?)

    This is one of the first Pandoras ever to be made, with the hardware that's now known as the "Classic", I believe. It has the First Batch sticker inside (see photo). Comes with: * Console * Charger * TV Out Cable I haven't been using it much, but since the case is apparently quite brittle...
  2. Nilsiboy

    Now That's One Nice Gadget

    THIS is the geekiest thing I've ever seen ...but also one of the coolest... 128 Mhz RISC CPU, and a head worn for input : "The on-board USB port connects to a customized, hand-held, touch optical mouse pointing device for easy Internet and Windows navigation. Poma is also compatible...
  3. Nilsiboy

    Going To The Netherlands

    as its pentacost this weekend, im going to the netherlands with my mother an brother for 2 days (tomorrow&saturday). we're staying at camping corfwater in petten. any GP32ians there, too?
  4. Nilsiboy

    Omg Shibuya R0xx0rs

    i just clicked on the link to buy blue angelo (ie shibuya) and looked a little closer...their dreamcast department is superiour!!!!11one i could spend like 5000 euros in this shop....jet set radio limited edition, REZ (possibly the rarestest game in europe at all...hope it is the pal version...)...
  5. Nilsiboy


    i was just browsing gp32x board when i found a link someone had posted to a page about aluminium foil hats. followed it cause i was bored, and there i found some weird statements about aluminium protecting from alien mind control and so on.... somehow it came to how aliens make people they...
  6. Nilsiboy

    Possible New Fenix Game

    hey guys, I just returned from london, and there and on the flight vback home i developed a game idea. It's a mixture of pong and ikaruga so far, though nothing coded yet...I wanted to ask if its possible with here's the whole thing: graphics: simple, most likely only rectangles. two...
  7. Nilsiboy

    Man Bites God

    Anyone here knows Man bites God? some of their tracks are downloadable for free, they include "The annoying song", the most hilarious song i ever heared, and "Deli girl", which is not as good, but still very good. If you google you'll find them. My problem is: their CDs are only sold in...
  8. Nilsiboy


    hi there, i just found this at sourceforge and im not wuite sure how much processor/graphics power it requires. is it similar to doom? and if yes, is it portable?
  9. Nilsiboy


    ok, i have a BIG problem. installed trillian OK selected only desktop shortcut, no start menu folder or quickstart OK now in want to uninstall NOT OK there is an uninstall.ini in the trillian folder, but no entry to the add/remove software screen of windows does anyone know a tool that does...
  10. Nilsiboy


    okay guys, i decided to make a linwin dualboot system. I'm just downloading Suse Linux 9.1 or so and want to use it for media center purposes (like the windows media center edition) because all the software needed for that is expensive for windows and seems to be free for linux. I've got a few...
  11. Nilsiboy

    Super Secret Ninja

    I found this little game and thought it would be cool to have on the GP....its written in c++ afaik. You are a little ninja and have to get through levels without being seen. you only have a rope to do this. so button layout will be no problem :P sadly, i couldnt find any source code nor the...
  12. Nilsiboy

    Autorun For Gp32

    You may have noticed the thread "Neat tricks for your GP32" by FabreNZ. He suggested using autorun on the GP. I made a small autorun package wich may be useful for someone. if you like it, I'll try to make it less ugly. it is 2 *.bat files now, i think it could be one... What this autorun...
  13. Nilsiboy

    Genesis 2 Player Games??

    well, the topic says everything :D post 2 player genesis games pls
  14. Nilsiboy

    Korean Firmware Revamp??

    i told you once or twice, i kinda liked the old korean was so cutem with the *uic* sounds......would it be possible to integrate EU firmwares launcher and new MP3 player in it so only the okd selector remains and *maybe* if someone has too much time, the colors of launcher and...
  15. Nilsiboy

    This Forum Is Soooo

    I just read through the topics and started to realize how Strange/weird/whatever this forum is :D is angelina jolie a man? googlewhacking people talking about what music theyre listening to 0o dont you all have a life?
  16. Nilsiboy

    Dc Emulation Scene

    obviously im not talking about emulating the dreamcast but about emulation of other systems on the DC..... so how come the genesis/NES/SMS emulation is not full speed on DC, but on gp32_console it is :huh:
  17. Nilsiboy

    Mpx200....worth Getting It?

    Today I saw an ad for the Motorola MPx200. It's a smartphone with media player, MSN, outlook, word and excel and stuff in the pocket's got a MMC/SD slot and 10 mb memory....I'm VEEEEEEEEEEEERY addicted to buy it...140€.....what do you think
  18. Nilsiboy

    Creator Of Gpaint32, Please Report

    2 or 3 days ago, i found the program GPaint32 on Don's GP32 page and thought it would come in handy for the gigas community project, but i read that it supports only 32*32 tiles... so Don, could you please modify GPaint32 so that it supports GIGAS' .raw-files? I know the source is available for...
  19. Nilsiboy

    Someone Can Translate Samba De Amigo 2000 Menus?

    i just got samba de amigo ver. 2000....but its all japanese ): still it is a VERY GREAT GAME....yet dont have the maracas but would like to know the english (or even bette:the german) names of the menu items.pls help me
  20. Nilsiboy

    Help! Entities Appear And Disappear

    i changed the demo entity bmp, because i wanted to turn a tile (an animated piece of grass) into an entity so you can slash it like in zelda... so far, everything ok, copy pasted the grasses frames to the bitmap, filled up til the beginning of the next empty entitiy field, used .bat but now, all...