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    Exceptionally Odd Behaviour On The 940t

    Hey, thanks to Dzz's great tutorials and his indulgance with my questions I learned what I needed to get started with coding for the 940. At first I did a quick test peice of code which simply set a shared variable to 0 during initialisation and then set it to 6 when the 940 was in its main...
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    Shadow Warrior - Binary And Source

    Okay, time to release Shadow Warrior binary and source for GP2X Binary: Source: Its no where near finished, no sound and a few bugs mentioned in the README file. But I know people were asking about it and as its going to be some time until I...
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    Triple Triad X - Public Beta

    Just incase people miss the main topic, the Triple Triad X beta has been released. Grab it from (and also please direct your comments and bug reports to) enjoy :)
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    My Lua Libs Have Gone Nuts

    this has had me unable to actually build ttx for a couple of days now and is making a mockery of my desired beta release date which is now in only 3 days -_- nothing I can do can fix it. basically, I was happilly compiling and building ttx on my new pc setup. I had migrated my project over...
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    Using Mikmod Directly

    I may be doing something stupid (likely) so bare with me. I cannot get mikmod working on the gp2x. Well, according to my status messages things are working in a sense, but I cant get any sound audiable. To start with I can only seem to do MikMod_RegisterAllDrivers(), if I try to load one...
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    Shadow Warrior Gp2x

    Well so many people have been asking for it and i've had some spare time while TTX waits for media that I thought I would give it a go. super early beta thing. no sound yet and due to dodgey input its barely playable (forward really...
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    Triple Triad X

    UPDATE 17/07/06 - First public beta released: Original Post: Finally making a proper thread for Triple Triad X as the Old Thread was getting huge and the cool ideas forum really isnt the place for a wip :P Asked on irc for the best place...
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    Sdl Image Copying Problem

    Okay, i've been trying to optimise my tile renderer. Instead of dumping the full screen every frame it instead performs one full screen write to some buffers once, then it blits the buffer and offsets it by pixel values for scrolling and when you've scrolled one full tile it then updates...
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    About To Start, What Should I Watch Out For?

    Hey - i've been programming for many many years and done all sorts from games (2d/3d) to applications and databases. I naturally want to dev for my own gp2x and thats half the reason I got it, however this is will be my first time developing for anything non-windows. Now I only intend to use...