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    Riddle Me This

    Not sure if this has been posted before or if others have seen it but I was only sent a link last night and I must be so thick as I cant get off the first level. I know what to do, just cant see the answer, which in itself is a clue...apparantly
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    Gp2x In December 2006 Linux Format

    Just thought I'd mention there is a little box in the December 2006 Linux format page 52 headlined 'Whatever happened to?' and in the little writeup it says 'One hopes GP2X can generate enough licensing income'. I guess they must be mixed up as I thought there are no licensing issues with GP2x...
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    Payback Confusion

    I am confused to the status of Payback . No one seems to be talking about it much. Unless I have missed so many pages. I paid for it last week but it's not turned up yet. There doesn't seem to be much fanfare with it considering the amount of people who wanted it a few months back. No one has...
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    Linux Gaming/pmp Handheld Gets More Hackable

    Not sure if this has been posted. Couldnt find it anyway and this was only put up last night.
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    Gp2x Article On

    Just noticed a gp2x article on
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    Beats Of Rage/openbor License

    Does anyone know what are the licensing terms on Beats of Rage/OpenBOR? I cant figure it out. Is it free to distribute as you have to download the data files seperately from the DOS version. I guess the openBOR source is ok but what about the rest? Can someone fill me in on the history as the...
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    Slow To Load Films

    I converted a moooovie to divx which seems to work. Total files size is 699Mb. But it seems to take around 10 minutes to start playing. It's alright when it's started. I can pause, fastforwrd, rewind, etc. I am really confused with this move side of things. I actually did want a gp2x to put...
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    Exult Help

    Thought I'd start this thread here as the other threads are in gerneal...hope that's ok. These are the ones I found First of all, Is exult still being worked on? My problem is the same as...
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    Payback Release

    Is there any news on a release date for Payback? Seems there are a few commerical games being anounced but nothing more. I have been waiting to play this game since the announcement on the GBA ages ago (2 years?!) but the GBA went out of fashion with me after a few months and I forgot about it...