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    Boot Time

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    Boot Time

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    Boot Time

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    How Long Does It Take The Pandora Team To Respond To E-mails?

    I've had a reply within 5 mins once.
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    Possibility To Maybe Incrrease Ram With Flash Drive?

    The Pandora was originally only stated to have 128mb ram. the 256mb we're getting currently is more than enough. We're running Linux here, not windows. So keeping the ram usage down is quite simple. As for games needing more ram.... The PSP has what? 32mb and it hardly seems to suffer for it. I...
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    S-Video in final design

    Just hold the svideo cable up to the ext port, and the ext port will sense it and transform into the correct socket. This works for a number of other cables such as Ethernet, HDMI and Parallel Printer. Amazing things they do with technology now days.
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    About The Omap 3530

    Considering the Pandora's like one of, if not the first device to use this specific chip. They're not going to can it, particularly when there's still demand for it. Anyway. Big companies never have up to date websites.
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    Release Can the Pandora run Windows XP?

    There's also the problem that even if microsoft DID make an ARM version of xp (never going to happen) you're program's still wouldn't run, because they'd still all be compiled for x86 cpus.
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    Game Format (physical Format) Of (ahahahah!) Commercial Games?

    I know, I know!!!!! Put the games on Bluray! You can plug in an external reader via USB!!!!!1111one!!1 =D
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    Release Why Quake 3?

    Because it's the best well known and popular game we know has an incredibly high chance of being ported to the pandora. Also 600mhz x86 does not equal 600mhz ARM cpu, designed to be cool compact and portable, not pump out raw performance. You can't really even compare x86 cpu's anymore either...
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    More Updates

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    Little Christmas Update

    I remember back when you were talking about a possible September 08 release. But as long as you get there in the end. Not like big companies can ever keep their release dates anyway. We've waited this long, a little longer won't hurt.
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    What Game Is This In The "fluffy16" Render?

    Sure we can run it. Dosbox running windows 95 running heretic2 in software video mode. Hard to say whether we'll break 1fps though.