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    Using Race

    Hallo to everyone, just wondering if anyone can offer me any help with this thingy? I've downloaded the latest version, the one that comes with the selector, but all I'm getting is an error message that says "Cannot access to directory". Is there a specific place where I have to keep the ROMs...
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    Another Mega Drive Compilation

    Sega are doing another re-packaging of Mega Drive games for us all to buy, yay! This time, you can play them in HD, if you really want to. Forty games, including Dynamite Headdy but not Gunstar Heroes for some reason. I really do think this looks like fun, the only reason for my synical tone is...
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    F-200 Help Needed

    Hi all, So, I got myself an F-200 off of someone on eBay, and I was having a great time with it, when all of a sudden, I can't get beyond the GPH screen, even with fresh batteries, and both with and without an SD card in there. I figured I needed to re-install the firmware (it was at version...
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    The Best Emulators...

    Hi all, This is going to outrage and annoy several people probably, but I've just gotten myself a GP2X F-200, my first generation GP2X having died some time ago. Would anyone be able to come up with a list of the essential/best-working emulators for each system, and then stick it at the top of...
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    Alright, Anyone Won These?

    Yep, I'm a happy bidder, but I have my limits, just curious if any of you lot were the winners of this or this. If so, congratulations and all that, and I know it's for a good cause, but I'd've loved to've been able to get my hands on either of those, especially the former. Obviously.
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    Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow

    Darn it, I've really buggered up on Dawn of Sorrow, and the Castlevania Dungeon forums are taking forever to verify me. GameFAQs does not have the answers I need, so I'm here after all. Basically, I'm around 80% through the game. I've just had the 2nd bad ending (where Mina dies), and the guys...
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    Outrun Problems On The Psp.

    Anyone else had this problem? I bought OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast for the PSP, and when I loaded it up, it said there was no space on my memory card to create a save file, no matter what I did. I have a 4gb Pro Duo thingy, so that's obviously bollocks. I took it back to the shop and changed it...
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    Pc-98 Emulation

    Yeah, so I'm trying and failing to play Rusty (a Castlevania clone, not a hentai thingy). Has anyone had any success loading up any games on Windows Vista using Anex86? All's I'm getting here is a blank screen. Ho hum.
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    Who Owns A Pc-engine In The Uk?

    That's what I'm asking. I've got one, and am made up with it. Came with loads of good games. The problem is, I can't get it to work. I'm thinking it could be the power supply, but it could also be the RF lead. Would anyone be able to inform me of their set-up, so as I can copy it and progress on...
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    A Quickie About Mame.

    Just a short question I'm wondering if anyone would maybe perhaps help with the answer me to and stuff. MAME32, right? And all the different versions of it seem to support different games, right? For example, the latest one doesn't seem to like the Samurai Shodown games, whilst the older one I...
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    Hucard Storage

    Yeah, what the title says really. I've just won a Japanese PC-Engine off of eBay, complete with 15 HuCards, none of which are boxed. Anyone have any suggestions on a safe, practical way of storing these? Not in a "collectors" sense, more in a "I want to play these games often, but not get them...
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    I Have One Neo Geo Pocket Game,

    Hi, So I have two copies of Neo Pocket Tennis. One in its clamshell thing, the other just a cartridge in its clear case thing. This is the one I am willing to swap away. Never been used! Anyone want to swap it for Pac-Man or one of those slot machine games or that golf game or something? I'll...
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    Another Retro Gamer Request

    Yep, I know I keep asking for these things, but I can't really justify spending £5 on a magazine when, after a flick-through in the shop, there's only one thing I'd actually settle down and read in it. Anyway, I can't remember which issue this was in, but I think it was the one with Elite on...
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    Looking For A Power Base Converter

    Hi all, I've gone all over eBay, but to no avail, so here is the next port of call. Does anyone have a Power Base Converter they're willing to part with? I'll pay, of course. Specifically, it's the Mk.II model I'm looking for, the snazzy one that was designed to be used with the Mega Drive II...
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    Psone - Modding!

    Hi gang, Just got myself one of those cute little PSOne things from the charity shop round the corner from my house. £12, boxed with a memory card and five games. Great! Well, I've just been through the just-got-a-PlayStation motions (ordering an LCD screen and Symphony of the Night), and now...
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    Wanted: Dreamcast Dc-x Disc

    Hi all, I'm wishing to play US/JAP games on my European Dreamcast, but eBay seems to've sold out of the disc I need to do this. Would anyone be willing to part with one for, say, £15? Also, I was wondering if there is anything similar to the DC-X available for the PSOne. I've been thinking of...
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    Gamate Games For Sale!

    I'm sure at least two of you lot have a Gamate, so thought you'd be interested in this.
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    Anyone Heard Of This?

    Look at this thingy, I've never heard of this, just stumbled across it on Wikipedia. Looks kind've fun, maybe this means that one day Atari'll fulfill my dream of a revamped/re-released Lynx with built-in games, like those MegaDrive/NES/Master System things that are all over the place. Maybe?
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    Here's An Easy Enough Psp Question

    Hi all, Sorry about this, but the usually ever-reliable Wikipedia just isn't telling me anything. All's I'm wanting to know is: Is that PSP Slim & Lite region-free? I'm really, really, really thinking of getting one (second hand, of course, can't be lining Sony's pockets), but really, really...
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    Anyone Got The Latest Retro Gamer?

    I only ever buy the magazine if it has more than one article that interests me - this month's (with Manic Miner on the cover) is one of the ones that I'm not buying. Whilst flicking through it in WHSmiths, I noticed, in the homebrew section, a game which they say plays like a 16-bit Treasure...