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  1. sensible GP32

    Welcome Our Two New Mod's

    We are pleased to announce two new members of the GP32X team. They are two members who have been around for a long time. So give a big welcome to the newest members of the ground force! Squidge and Tobriand Be kind to them for at least a week.
  2. sensible GP32

    Swos Released On Xbla Today!

    Sensible World Of Soccer, is out on xbla today I recommend everyone get it :D
  3. sensible GP32

    Speedball This Week!

    speedball 2 screenies this week everyone should get ready for some ICE CREAM. is anyone else very excited about this?
  4. sensible GP32


    the reason why ive not been around for a while, is bioshock!.. ive never played such a deep FPS, it was quite long to boot. The baddies are clever bastards too! when i nipped outside for a ciggy by the time i had finished i was aching to play it. anyone else had a blast, what do you fellows...
  5. sensible GP32

    Anyone Fancy Some Online Psp Action?

    i finally decided to set it up, anyone fancy playing some online psp gaming? list some games peeps.
  6. sensible GP32

    The Fun Is Over For Xbox Live Owners.... i was just thinking about getting LIVE too.
  7. sensible GP32

    Gta Iv:full Scans From The Game Informer

    now im sure everyone reads maxconsole, BUT for those who dont here is quite an interesting read on the new GTA....... NO FLYING!!! Here you go !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sensible GP32

    Any Other Program To Put Songs On An Ipod

    ITUNES IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF SHITE ARGGGH! ahem sorry. so spent all my night ripping cd's for mother and im just too tired to deal with itunes i hate it so! any other way of getting mp3's to a ipod??
  9. sensible GP32

    N64 Emulation.... Working Well?!

    click click click well ive lost my usb cable pah! but reading in the forum people seem happy
  10. sensible GP32

    Best Cd To Mp3 Ripper

    for part of my good ole mother's day present im currently filling her ipod with her favourite hits, now alot of them are on CD, what cd to mp3 conversion software would you peep's reccomend? last time i ripped cd's i used music match, but it appears to have been taken over by yahoo and its...
  11. sensible GP32

    Sony's Home

    the day i kinda regretted buying a xbox360 for the first time.... was tonight. i just watched the home demo and it just looks amazing!!!! what do you chaps think of it? Sorry i am a idiot
  12. sensible GP32

    A New Version Of Beebem! (bbc Micro Emulator)

    Fru.T Bunn wrote: - Hi everyone, although I haven't had time to finish the file selector yet, I've decided to release a new version of BeebEm 'as is'. BeebEm runs really well with the gmenu2x selector, so I consider it usable enough to release a new version of the emulator now! I'll also...
  13. sensible GP32

    N64 Emu... Not Dead On Psp?

    N64 psp emu it seems that the n64 emulator is still alive..... but remains to be seen if its up to anything... i would think that its still a pile of shat.
  14. sensible GP32

    Has Anyone Played Metal Slug Anth Yet?

    my good im enjoying this game if you have a psp bloody get it :) full screen mode amazing!!! Edit: well full screen mode in doesnt look good in a couple of the metal slugs :(
  15. sensible GP32

    Paying For Online Music....

    atfer all steve jobs has said.... im curious to see if alot of people download music and pay for it?
  16. sensible GP32

    Pocketsnes V4

    V4 "No major changes. I've replaced the timer code which should mean that the FPS monitor will not lock up anymore." Downloads Credits go to: Snes9x team - for creating the original Snes9x emulator...
  17. sensible GP32

    Sensible Software Feature In Retrogamer

    hi this is kinda the article i would relish but i cant for the life of me find the magazine..... if anyone would be so kind to scan the magazine or tell me if its any good, becuase im sure some of you are aware im a bit of a fan of sensible software possibly the best damn codeshop ever.....
  18. sensible GP32

    New Squidgesnes & Picodrive - Happy Days

    squidgesnes,0,0,0,5,1860 0.392 * MMU hack now uses kernel module (safer). * Looks like the above change fixed load= command line option. + Added ability to save config for every game. * Save states should now be written properly to SD card. picodrive...
  19. sensible GP32

    Would Anyone Know Where To Get A Cheap Xbox360(core)

    im after a xbox360(core) for christmas, would anyone know where i possibly get one cheaper that £199? i guess thats not a bad price, but you chaps are pretty good at sniffing out bargins. i've been looking today and the i cant get cheaper that £199 thanks in advance you fantastic chaps.
  20. sensible GP32

    Great Gba Games!

    Can you guys point me in the right direction of great Gba games. since i no nothing about the console my favorite types are platformers like mario.... or mini games like wario ware nice one chaps