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  1. GizmoTheGreen

    wifi ac support?

    will the built in wifi support AC standard? I tried looking around and even searched the boards but didn't find an answer.
  2. GizmoTheGreen

    Wii U Pro Controller?

    Do we have this in our kernel already? :)!topic/linux.kernel/Tl0TqtaTwxc
  3. GizmoTheGreen

    dedicated USB OTG mouses (check for interest..)

    So I was looking around on eBay and it seems there is no such thing... I want just a simple USB mouse that has a usb otg straight into the pandoras OTG port, no adapter and 2m cable. so I found this:
  4. GizmoTheGreen

    Pandora minecraftserver on a pandora could anyone compile this for the pandora? :P I still lack the setup do to so myself, so if anyone has time, it would be appreciated!
  5. GizmoTheGreen

    VVVVVV on pandora via c64? Awesomeness much? :D
  6. GizmoTheGreen

    Ad-Hoc Wifi?

    Hi guys, im at what will probably be my new girlfriends house, and she only has an imac, no router. she can make an ad-hoc network, network manager seems to find it, but my pandora can't seem to connect to it, help? :)
  7. GizmoTheGreen

    Bluetooth phone tethering problem

    Im going traveling tomorrow, and i need some help getting internet from my phone working. the phone is a sony ericsson C901 i've connected via bluetooth, checked the internet thing in the bluetooth dialogbox, and i try clicking the PAN item in networkmanager, it seems to connect to my phone for...
  8. GizmoTheGreen

    Playing On My Pandora spread the link, and watch if you feel like it
  9. GizmoTheGreen

    Pidgin Crashes, Alot

    Pidgin crashes alot... would be nice with a fix. I ran pidgin from the terminal and when the crash/freeze happened i got: waitpid(): No child processes waitpid(): No child processes waitpid(): No child processes waitpid(): No child processes mass spam hope it helps figuring out whats wrong...
  10. GizmoTheGreen

    Unreliable Charging And Clock

    Sometimes my pandora just decides to stop charging... whether via usb or charger. I can replug the charger, red charging lite goes on for a while, then it goes out again. Only way to remedy this is to wait a few minutes it seems... Also, my clock looses one or two hours every now and then...
  11. GizmoTheGreen

    Help With Arch Linux

    Ok here the thing, im not really a dev, i know c/c++ but i got no experience. I've gotten a basic filesystem from on an sdcard, and i can run it with the boot.txt thats floating around! Pandora kernel + arch linux filesystem. Now my problem, no internet whatsoever. Pandora...
  12. GizmoTheGreen

    Requesting Demos For Arm!

    Anyone know if there are any? would be super nice showing of the pandora
  13. GizmoTheGreen

    From Ångstöm Repo To A .pnd?

    i see that opkg can output installation to a folder other than root,with -d or --dest. could you point that to a folder, slap a pxml in and make it a .pnd?
  14. GizmoTheGreen


    tiniy bit of plastic? the extra capacitor`? I DONT KNOW but im panicking right now. I just shut it of to switch battery so i could charge both, and i noticed a sound, shook it carefully, sure enough! somethings LOOSE! What do!? D:
  15. GizmoTheGreen

    Usb Doesnt Always Want To Work

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt... i cant find no specific reason when it stops working or doesnt. :/
  16. GizmoTheGreen

    Portable Pandora Charger!

    What you need: Hot-glue gun Soldering iron Solder Soldering grease A few cables 1x LM7805 or similar 1x Heatsink of some kind 1x 100µf 10v+ capacitor 1x 10µf 10v+ capacitor 1x 104 ceramic capacitor 1x USB Female 1x 9v battery connector 1x non-momentary power switch Optionally 1x led and...
  17. GizmoTheGreen

    Lets Raid Bbc

    Lets send alot of requests asking them to cover the pandora! they cant ignore it that way!
  18. GizmoTheGreen

    Cool Gadgets

    Found some stuff on a jap import page: USB Speaker: Thumb memory (Yakuza Style) And a bettery drainer :P...
  19. GizmoTheGreen

    Pico Projector could be fun if it would work... but with LED as ligh source i bet it isnt that effective (needs a dark dark room)
  20. GizmoTheGreen

    Augmented Reality! Check that out. ARToolkit is opensource, if it was ported/compiled for the pandora, all those awesome movies are just a step away, since the pandora is portable you could film anywahere, anytime! Imagine the epicness in bringing out a magic circle...