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  1. efegea

    Audio Latency

    I'm porting a new emulator that is very cpu demanding (can't say the name of the emulated platform). Without sound, I get acceptable framerates, over 77fps, but with sound enabled it drops to 19fps. I think it's because the oss audio output have very high latency (I've read on the forum...
  2. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    I'm at this moment trying a new improved design, far more practical than the first design. Scrollable desktops, three as default. The first one is the application launcher, on the other two (or more, the user can configure the number of desktops) the user can add widgets, application shortcuts...
  3. efegea


    I plan to make Pangea full multitasking, with taskswitcher, but not now, it'll take a long for me to implement, there are priorities. BTW, I'll soon email you about the first working version of Pangea, as the Qt libs version 4.7 are finally in beta, still some bugs but close to the final...
  4. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Why not? :)
  5. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Much time since last update... I've been waiting for Qt 4.7 to be launched -a requirement for Pangea-, and it still hasn't been, but did a Technology Preview of it. So I restarted development. But there will be two versions of Pangea. The first will be released more or less at same time as the...
  6. efegea

    Dreamcast Games On Pandora Without Much Emulating?

    AMD and Intel are x86 both Dreamcast is SH, Pandora is ARM None of the three (x86-SH-ARM) are compatible, so they can't run the same software.
  7. efegea

    Are You Planing On Having Local Distributers For Others Continents?

    I don't know for others continents, but the spanish distributor asked OpenPandora Ltd. for this possibility and the response was negative. I hope it's not because the hate this community is getting for us spanish people :(
  8. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Ok, I'm building 4.6.1 from macports, I'll try that, I hope macport's source is not different from original source, if not I'll have to try to compile Qt on gentoo without using the ebuilds. But I prefer to code on macos (although libpnd support will have to be coded on linux anyway) Thanks...
  9. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Bad news: Pangea is on hold state until Qt guys at Nokia release final version of Qt-Declarative, or, at least, they fix the compilation issues on Mac and/or linux (at least on Gentoo Linux.. the ebuild says it's masked because it doesn't compile) I was using a binary of qml-viewer and the...
  10. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Hi! I don't, but as soon as I get something to show, I'll upload a video :) At this moment I'm looking for the way to dynamically load qml components, that means plugins in Pangea! just drop the plugins on Pangea's folder and they should work, you can configure them and set if they are visible...
  11. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Yes, why not? :)
  12. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Can someone tell me what's the best resource for asking some QML-related questions? it's driving me crazy and I don't know if it's just me that I still haven't learned the language yet, or if it has bugs or what.. And an update. I've added at the bottom a row of icons for most used...
  13. efegea

    Unity Game Engine

    Take a look at Irrlicht, which I mentioned before on this thread. It have been reported to work already on the Pandora (who did port it? cpasjuste, perhaps?)
  14. efegea

    Unity Game Engine

    Didn't know about Shiva, looks interesting, thanks for the info!
  15. efegea

    Unity Game Engine

    I was thinking about buying an Unity license for iphone development, but I wanted to code something for the Pandora first, if Unity supported the Pandora, I wouldn't have to learn to different engines.. (the game for Pandora would be made on Irrlicht)
  16. efegea

    Anticipate The New Video Here

    Shouldn't be too hard to implement something similar for Pangea, I'm going to think about it, as Pangea "pinjala" is still on design and prototype stage :)
  17. efegea

    My Pandora Has Arrived (Skeezix) ;)

    If it gorgeous when only, say three, four, people have one, let's imagine how incredibly great will be when lots of people, and developers, get their ones :) I'm anxious to finish Pangea and test it on one real Pandora and release it, and porting the game I'm working on. :)
  18. efegea

    Gp32/gp2X/wiz/dingoo Coding Competition

    Please, don't change the rules. If the competition was announced with these rules, don't change them.. And the more software older systems get, the better. The original rules benefit that. Multiplatform is also good and your bonus points system is a good idea, I think.
  19. efegea

    Should I?

    I still want one, for hacking. Has it an standard minijack audio port? A tiny and cheap device with LCD screen, keyboard and wifi and runs linux. It's a dream. ...Oh wait...!! ... ....No, not wait, Pandora is not cheap :lol: The zipit z2 would make a good chumby-like alarm clock. I have...
  20. efegea

    Pandora Booting Android

    The only thing that made me smile on the whole article was this comment: