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  1. dflatline

    Music Player

    I use foobar2000 on my PC, what player should I use on Pandora? I want it to pay attention to folder structure rather than tags since my tags are all over the place. I also want to be able to point it at my music folder and just shuffle, thats important to
  2. dflatline

    Can the Pandora not boot 32GB SD Cards?

    I've tried both the one that came with my Pandora (Emtec) and a Kingston with a Pandian image and the 'boot from sd card' option never want appear when I hold down the trigger. There's nothing from with the Pandian image because I have no trouble booting a 2GB card. I also managed to get the...
  3. dflatline

    1gz Pandora

    So I hear some people are interested in buying one of these. Well....
  4. dflatline

    E-ink Displays

    I've got a personal hardware project I've been thinking about a lot recently and one of the most important factors is power consumption so for the display I've been considering e-ink. However I'm not familiar with it or have even used a kindle or similar and was wondering how well it handles...
  5. dflatline

    Misc Pandora Spares (UK)

    I fried my first pandora by inserting the battery while the charger was plugged in. It won't power on even if I wire directly into the board. I also stripped the screws when I took it apart. I have no idea what parts of it work and what parts don't. I assume the screen is fine. I'll sell either...
  6. dflatline

    Bricked Pandora (won't even power on)

    So I got an open pandora recently, it's a 1ghz edition. I turned it on and it was working fine, went through the initial set up etc. but when I tried to use it it kept asking me to log in, when I put in my user/pass the GUI selection screen just kept popping up after I put my password in and I...