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  1. Cloudef

    Irrlicht && Ogre

    Yeah spent week porting Irrlicht and Ogre.. Irrlicht was already ported, however the port that there is relies heavily on Irrlicht's double calculations that slow down applications a lot, I also ported the GLES 2.0 renderer, however it's slower than GLES 1.1 (Fixed pipelines are usually...
  2. Cloudef

    Post Your Desktop

    Post image of your desktop. I'll start, Conky, AWN Dock, and Nox GTK+ theme
  3. Cloudef


    Maple Story clone project, Basically it all started when i stumbled into Maple Story media files and check out how they were arranged.. Then i found out the structure and got them loaded into c++ application and thought "This is pretty good way to handle characters and npc's" So i started to...