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  1. ZXDunny

    Take your Pandora to Work day.

    So I took my Pandora to work. I'm a developer for Image-Line, who makes FL Studio. We had a developer meeting (where we had fun on Segways and did real-life Mario Kart activities), and the Pandy sat there during the meeting listening intently...
  2. ZXDunny

    Pandora stops charging after a few days?

    Just noticed this - Leave the Pandora plugged in and switched on (though most of the time asleep) and after a few days it stops charging and battery capacity drops towards zero over the course of a few hours - Pandora doing nothing but looking at an empty XFCE desktop. Rebooting via the log...
  3. ZXDunny

    Can the Pandora boot from an SD Card?

    And by that I mean without having to hold down shoulder buttons etc - just pop the SD card in and boot from it, rather like a Live CD or floppy disk? As the Pyra gets closer, I'm considering turning my Pandora into a Super ZXSpectrum, with an emulator built into PandaBAS, and would like to make...
  4. ZXDunny

    Remove the double spacing when you press ENTER

    It's really annoying. I just pressed enter, and I get an extra line of nothing. Wasted space. And there's enough wasted as it is with this new board. D .
  5. ZXDunny

    Release PandaBAS 0.826 released!

    Up on the Repo RIGHT NOW: Enjoy - lots of changes to this version, not least of which is a massive speed improvement due to a new rendering system :) Here's the changelog for those that like that sort of thing: Have fun, and...
  6. ZXDunny

    Help debugging Forget-Me-Not

    My good friend Wally can no longer run Forget Me Not. I assumed that it was the case for everyone, and put it on my "to-do" list... Only it still runs fine for me on my CC unit. I need help - as I can't find the issue here, can anyone else help to debug this? Or at least tell me why it's...
  7. ZXDunny

    Possibly daft question - will hardware help?

    Long post alert :) Ok, as you all probably know by now my pet project is SpecBAS, the BASIC interpreter that exists on the repo as PandaBAS. Due to the rather poor performance of the ARM CPU regarding floats, it's quite slow. However, while updating the code I've run into a rather interesting...
  8. ZXDunny

    Release [REPO] PandaBAS 0.801

    Hi all - Just uploaded the latest PandaBAS, I know you've all been wetting yourselves waiting for this. Here's what's new: Get it: Bug reports and feedback here, on the repo or on the official forums. D.
  9. ZXDunny

    Can we have a blacklist option in PNDManager?

    Sorry for this request, folks but it's becoming necessary now. More and more devs are screwing up their apps and it's getting to the point where at least two need to be blocked from updating themselves on the "installed" page. Mupen64 has gone from playable to decidedly unplayable now, and...
  10. ZXDunny

    Mupen64 Control configuration

    Hi all - My left nub is dead - only moves left/right and down. This makes Mario64 a bit of a trial in Mupen64. Is there any way I can configure it to use the DPad instead of the left nub? I understand I'll lose some analog fuctionality, but seeing as most PC emulators allow you to use the...
  11. ZXDunny

    Shouldn't old faulty units be sent to Ed ?

    Any particular reason these Pandoras that are being sold for cheap aren't going to Craig's queue? I mean, at the price, they're hardly funding new devices like EDs are? D.
  12. ZXDunny

    PNDManager issues (bug/requests)

    Hi - Been using PND manager a fair bit, and found some issues. 1. I'd like to be able to flag a PND as "don't update" so it doesn't appear in the list of updateable PNDs after a refresh. For example, Code::Blocks is too big now so I don't want any more updates. "Magnetic" removes the built-in...
  13. ZXDunny

    Release Possibly the most exciting new release for some time?

    After literally an hour of swearing and being ribbed by aTc, I am proud to present: XMountains! Specially modified for the Pandora with fullscreen and no mouse pointer, this awesome piece of code draws nice scrolling fractal landscapes on your favourite little handheld. I know you'll be...
  14. ZXDunny

    Ok, let's get this CPU speed bug sorted once and for all...

    Right! Installed SZfinal 1.51, and still get the issue where the CPU speed drops to 125MHz on resume from suspend. It's definitely worse now than it was - happens almost exactly 50% of the times I wake the Pandora up. I have to navigate (very slowly!) to the menu, and launch the system's CPU...
  15. ZXDunny

    GPSP Save States

    Hi all - quick question. Are GPSP's save states compatible with any of the other PC-based emulators out there? I ask because on the Pandora version of GPSP one of the games that I want to play freezes on the title screen, and I want to run it past that point on another emulator and save the...
  16. ZXDunny

    Welcome Wally as mod.

    Congratulations on your new mod status! /me rubs hands and grins evilly. D.
  17. ZXDunny

    Release Spheres of Chaos

    Hi folks - We're at it again, with another classic shooter for you. Less mazey than FMN, but so much more shooty. It's Spheres of Chaos! Sebt3 did the hard work on this one, as I have very little time for porting or developing these days so many, many thanks for his hard work! All I had to...
  18. ZXDunny

    Trashed NAND

    Ok, installed SZ5a, downloaded and installed android PND, rebooted, downloaded the CM7 google apps archive, unpacked to the android appdata directory, rebooted into android... Now hangs with a "Settings manager" grey strip across the top of the screen, does nothing else - no way to kill...
  19. ZXDunny

    Skeezix: Still supporting Hatari?

    Ey oop - Just installed Hatari1.4.0c, and have a couple of requests: Can we have a stretched screen mode? It's not nice playing in a postage stamp in the middle of the screen :) The interface could do with some love - the up/down controls don't repeat when held down while choosing a disk...
  20. ZXDunny

    Bugs in SDL Joysticks?

    I've tested this with the old SDL and with Notaz's new SDL. If only one nub is set as a joystick, it appears as joystick 1 regardless of which nub it is. This confused me for a while :) If you change nub mode from say, mouse to absolute while your SDL program is running, it cannot pick up...